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100 Scope Notes Book Giveaway Extravaganza


Is this book giveaway thing new? No. Original? Nay. Fun? If you’re the winner is sure is. Submit an email (scopenotes@gmail.com) by midnight tomorrow (August 1st) with the title of the book you’re most interested in and I will write your name on a dart. I’ll throw all of the darts at the board and […]

Man on Wire on Fire


How would you rate your balance? Mine’s about a seven. That’s good enough to make it approximately 10 feet on a railroad track, but not quite good enough to walk across a thin cable hung between two skyscrapers. As previously reported, “Man on Wire”, a documentary about the amazing events that also inspired the children’s […]

Mouse Guard: Racking Up Awards at Comic-Con


Back in April I interviewed Mouse Guard creator David Petersen about his work and recent Eisner award nominations. Well I’ll be: Mouse Guard won two of them Eisner awards, which were announced at the just ended 2008 Comic-Con in San Diego: Best Publication for Kids: Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 and Mouse Guard: Winter 1152, by […]

Video Clip: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

The Harry Potter film saga keeps rolling on. The trailer for the new installment “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” was just released: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBGbKCm_pQQ] (Thanks to BuzzFeed for the link)

An Offensive Way to Mark the Page

Rat Bookmark

I tend to use pretty uninteresting bookmarks. Receipts, post-it notes, index cards – nothing special. The mark below, however, has some character. It has some shock value. Pull this out of your book and 80% of people will be repulsed (estimation may be off +-3 percentage points). The only question is, what would be the […]

Book Review: I'm Looking for a Monster!


I’m Looking for a Monster! By Timothy Young Random House ISBN: 9780375844164 $9.99 Grades PreK-1 In Stores Pop up books are tough to review. Since the focus is usually on the paper wizardry, the story tends to take a back seat. Reviewing a pop up book for its story is like reviewing a Nutty Bar […]

The Iron Man in the Hat


Should first-graders be reading books based on PG-13 rated movies? Should Iron Man play a role in how children learn to read? Should Superman be setting your child’s bedtime? Which one of these thought-provoking questions does not belong? Slate magazine has a story up, with an accompanying slide show, about Hollywood’s growing presence in easy […]

Book Review: Madam President


Madam President By Lane Smith Hyperion ISBN: $16.99 Grades K-3 In Stores July 29, 2008 *Best New Books* When I was in school, it didn’t take much for a kid to win a class election. Get up in front of the school, say a few words, and wear a trucker cap that says “Top Dog”. […]

Book Review: Lost and Found


Lost and Found By Andrew Clements Atheneum ISBN: 9781416909859 $16.99 Grades 4-6 In Stores My brother and I look nothing alike. not only separated in age, but also in appearance, we’ve never even come close to being confused with one another. Ray and Jay Grayson, however, run into this problem all the time. They’re identical […]

Bestsellers: Makin' Moves


Hot off the presses, we’ve got the books that are flying off shelves at independent bookstores nationwide. (Click here to see the entire lists) First up, books with pictures: “Where the Wild Things Are” climbs up to #2, while “Oh The Places You’ll Go” drops down to #14 after it’s annual graduation gift bump into […]

Unfortunate Covers (#4)


For this edition of the ongoing Unfortunate Covers series, we’re back to Roald Dahl. Another great book with a cover that isn’t helping the cause: “Danny the Champion of the World” Even though I took lengthy measures to avoid math after high school, I’d like to put an equation out there for cover art designers: […]

Book Review: Shooting the Moon


Shooting the Moon Frances O’Roark Dowell Atheneum ISBN: 9781416926900 $16.99 Grades 4-6 In Stores *Best New Books* I may lose some kid lit cred by admitting this, but I tend to shy away when I see rolled up jeans on a cover. Just call it my “Edward’s Eyes” problem. But as was the case with […]

Nonfiction Monday: Fish


Fish By Robert Snedden Smart Apple Media ISBN: 9781599200774 $27.10 Grades 3-6 In Stores *Recommended* Check out the Nonfiction Monday roundup at Picture Book of the Day. My first pet was a goldfish. Immediately after winning him/her at the county fair ring toss, I took my prize home, flipped to the very back of the […]

The Scary World of Children's Lit


Are children’s books getting darker? Is it a reflection of the current state of world affairs (see: turbulent)? Newsweek makes the case. Click the image below to read more:

Video Clip: Man on Wire


(Click the image above to browse through) “The Man Who Walked Between the Towers” – good book, right? Children’s lit Hall of Fame caliber. In fact, they have this award that honors the best picture book of the year, which “The Man Who Walked…” has already won. As first reported at Wizards Wireless last month, […]