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Come With Me (Yet Again) Down the Picture Book Parody Rabbit Hole

Every now and then I like to explore the Amazon for the latest in children’s literature parody books. Why? Sometimes they’re actually clever, and when they’re not, they can be hilariously ridiculous. A couple weeks back I dedicated an entire post to the Queen of the Parody, today is more of a grab-bag situation.

*NOTE* You might find some of these books inappropriate. Don’t blame me, I’m just showing them.

Let’s have a look . . .


Okay, this title made me laugh. Based on CDB! by William Steig.

C is for Chafing

Now THAT’s a cover illustration. An alphabet book for the realities of childhood.

The Very Expensive Baby

TVHC is one of the parody O.G.s – right up there with the source for our next book . . .

If You Give a Kitty a Cocktail

There are a ton of If You Give a… parodies, including many political versions.

Because Your Mommy Does Crossfit

Some books strive to recreate the look of the original as much as possible. But for this one, I’m confused. What book is it parodying?

Are You My Uber?

Here’s a tired-and-true parody formula:

Classic Picture Book + Cool New Thing = Picture Book Parody.

Granted, Uber isn’t exactly a cool new thing, but it is a tech-based service that contrasts nicely with the bygone era of Are You My Mother?

Pat the Husband

Pat the Bunny is one of my favorites from childhood (can you still smell that perfume page?), so I don’t even want to know anymore about this parody.

How the Hacker Stole Christmas!

A cautionary tale for the Cyber Monday crowd?

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