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Nonfiction Monday: Hoop Genius by John Coy

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Hoop Genius: How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball
By John Coy
Illustrated by Joe Morse

Carolrhoda Books (Lerner)

ISBN: 9780761366171
Grades 1-4
In Stores March 1, 2013

Find it at:
Schuler Books | Your Library

Often, sports books tend to fall into two categories: up-to-the-second titles about specific teams and players, or greatest of all time-type operations, that cover the records and best players ever. One thing that isn’t very common is a title that shows how a particular sport came to be. With Hoop Genius, that’s what we have. A picture book history of basketball by way of its inventor. It’s a good book to see.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Basketball was created not out of a spirit of fun, but one of survival. When young teacher James Naismith took over the rowdiest gym class around, he needed a way to keep the activity high, but with, you know, fewer injuries. Indoor football (not surprisingly) didn’t work. Neither did indoor soccer. Lacrosse? Nope. Naismith recalled the skill games of his youth and decided to invent a sport with no tackling and more accuracy. He got creative. A soccer ball. A peach basket. Before long, basketball was born.

The text is lively and to the point, making the most of the few words on each page. While I sometimes wished for more info (was it a high school or college gym class (it was college)? Where was it located (Springfield, MA)?), it makes for a book that works for even younger readers. While the title suggests it, this isn’t a Naismith biography – the focus is on the sport rather than its inventor.

Cool blues, violets, and greens dominate the illustrations. Morse (Play Ball, Jackie!) toys with proportions, giving the characters a slightly surreal quality. They capture an old-time feel but are crisp and bold, with fine shading.

More personal than a “who, what, when” recap, Hoop Genius puts readers at the birthplace of basketball. Here’s guessing it’s a story that they’ll remember.

Digital review copy from Netgalley.

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I have a review copy of Hoop Genius in my digital stack to read this month. John is so talented!

    I’m in with a pairing of bug books, my own Colors of Insects and Jane Yolen’s Bug Off, at http://laurasalas.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/bugs/

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  5. Hi Travis! This sounds like a winner for our kids! I love the vision of a soccer ball and a peach basket . This week I’m thinking about our school’s celebrations for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day next week. I’m sharing Andrea Davis Pinkney’s Hand in Hand: http://greatkidbooks.blogspot.com/2013/01/hand-in-hand-ten-black-men-who-changed.html
    I’ve found it inspiring and begging to be read aloud. An excellent example of nonfiction for our older students in elementary school or middle school.

    Thanks so much for hosting!

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    Cathy and Louise

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  11. Hoop Genius looks great! I’ll have to keep a look out for it at our library.

    Thanks for hosting Nonfiction Monday. I have reviews of a few Nonfiction Cybils finalists to share.

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    Thanks, Carmen

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    Have a great Monday!

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  17. Thanks for hosting! I always thought basketball was invented in Canada. I feel cheated by the heritage commercials. Ha!

    My contribution is for the younger readers, called BIG, and it’s about citizenship. http://www.perogiesandgyoza.com/2013/01/big.html

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  19. Thanks for hosting.
    My selection is “Collecting data in animal investigations” by Diana Noonan.

  20. I have a nonfiction picture book recommendation for toddlers on my blog. Dig, Dig, Digging introduces very small people to different types of vehicles in a really fun way.


  21. Thanks for hosting, Travis! I’ll definitely be checking out this book.

    I’m still catching up on posting my 2012 Sonderbooks Stand-outs, so I chose a nonfiction review today, Balloons Over Broadway, by Melissa Sweet: http://sonderbooks.com/blog/?p=12555

  22. Looks great for boys! Pinning it!

  23. I can’t wait to read this book! I live in Lawrence, Kansas home of the University of Kansas were James Naismith coached and help build KU’s basketball program into what it is today. Sending in a request to add this book to our library’s collection right after I type this comment…

    • Rebecca,
      I illustrated Hoop Genius. I gave a Hallmark Symposium lecture at KU a couple of years back, quite an incredible campus. Lawrence was great to visit as well. You will see a nod to the Jayhawks in the final spread.


      • Looking forward to seeing it, Joe! As a KU alumni and Lawrence resident, I can assure you that your book is going to quite popular in my neck of the woods. Especially, around this time of year.