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Award Seal as Design Element: A Cover First?

Today I was checking out upcoming releases using Edelweiss (a great place to go for publisher catalogs y’all) when I came across a book that was released back in September – the paperback edition of Zorgamazoo by Robert Paul Weston. If you remember, the original cover made an impression on me.

But this new design? It may just be a world’s first.

How is it unique? Take a look:

That’s right, the awards it has won (E.B. White, Silver Birch) have been incorporated into the cover illustration as balloons held by the main character, Katrina Katrell. Very cool.

Now a question for the masses (this includes, of course Peter from Collecting Children’s Books) – is this the first book you’ve seen do such a thing?

*Update* Author Robert Paul Weston talks a bit about the cover on his blog. Click here to read.

*Update* In the comments, Al uncovered another example of award seal  with The Brain Finds a Leg by Martin Chatterton (with the Junior Library Guild selection seal). Take a look:

I see this as more of a particular placement than incorporating the seal into the cover artwork, but it is certainly planned. Any others you know of?

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  1. So how fast did they turn this out? Was the design waiting in the wings just in case? Interesting.

    • Well, The E.B. White finalists were released in April, and the winner was announced in May – the Silver Birch also was declared in May. Seeing as how this cover came out in September, I think it’s safe to assume this design wasn’t waiting in the wings, but was just a clever response to the awards.

    • Check out THE BRAIN FINDS A LEG cover…

      • Ah-ha! I knew there had to be other examples of this. Thanks for sending it my way – I’ll add it to the post

  2. It didn’t win an award, but Melanie Watt’s first Chester book, well, Chester, had an outline drawn on the cover for future award placement. I found that the first of many hilarious moments.


  3. Genius. Simply genius.


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