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Link Du Jour: Coraline Cookies, Cats Painting, and a Warning

There are pros and cons to doing a “clearing out the vaults”, “all links must go” post such as this:

Pro: I get to clear out the vaults.

Con: You suspect I’m crazy for amassing these links in the first place. And wonder why I would put them in a vault.

Ah, well.

Let’s begin…

Any time food and children’s books cross paths, I’m happy. I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed for some sort of Nutty Bar graphic novel in the future. Click here for the recipe.

Children’s Lit Rarities: Mickey Mouse

I could watch rare books librarian Richard Overall of Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) all day. In this YouTube clip, Overall delights in showing off a rare copy of Mickey Mouse Annual from 1930, among other obscurities (wow, my spell check is saying that’s a word).

Make Postcards from Books

Craft time! Get out your glue and lefty scissors as re-nest shows how to take old books and make them say “wish you were here”.


This link may contain traces of peanuts. In an extremely literal way.

Have Some Manners

Have you seen A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette yet? No? And here you’ve been going around oblivious to the hidden message you’re sending with your choice in post-it notes. (Thanks to my pal Piet for the link)

Gallery of Impractical Bookcases

I know the title of this post is “20 Brilliant Bookcases“, but I thought they could be a bit more honest.

DOS-era Computer Pop-up Book

Straight outta ’84.

Enter the Weird Book Room

AbeBooks has put together a collection of books that answer the big questions. Crazy, crazy stuff.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Remote Controlled Probe

XKCD reminds us that before crossing over into other worlds, always send a rover first.

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  1. Hmmm…is it weirder that you have a link to “Why Cats Paint”, or that I have had a copy since it came hot off the press in 1994?

    Or maybe, worst of all, is the fact that I have actually considered its premise that cats don’t always just drop their killings at random, but sometimes arrange them as artistic installations?

    I’ll snap a pic of it with Majik (aka The Great Catsby) and post it on my blog just to prove I’m not making this up.