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Create Your Debut Picture Book Cover


YA has been done. Fantasy is yesterday’s news. It’s time to do something for the kids. Above is my debut picture book cover. What will yours look like? CREATE YOUR DEBUT PICTURE BOOK COVER 1 – Go to “The Name Generator” or click Click GENERATE NEW NAME. The name that appears is your author […]

Beginning Tomorrow: 100 Scope Notes Covers Week


Aww, yeah – 100 Scope Notes Covers Week begins in less than 24 hours. First up on Monday, we have a brand new “Create Your Debut Cover” meme that should bring out the (forced, step-by-step) creativity in all who take part. Click here for a full schedule of events. It’s gonna be a good week.

Link Du Jour: Best Books Begin

Let the “Best of 2009″ deluge commence. As a librarian, I naturally have an unhealthy obsession for annotated lists of all kinds. Seriously, if someone put an annotated list of the best manhole covers of 2009 in front of me, I’d be delighted. Delighted, folks. If you’re interested in staying on top of all things […]

Children's Book or Thinly Veiled Political Message?


Children’s book or thinly veiled political message? Answer: Children’s book.

Book Review: The Super Hungry Dinosaur by Martin Waddell


The Super Hungry Dinosaur By Martin Waddell Illustrated by Leonie Lord Dial Books for Young Readers (Penguin) ISBN: 9780803734463 $16.99 Grades PreK-1 In Stores *Recommended* There’s something about the taming of wild beasts that has staying power in children’s lit – you’ve heard of Where the Wild Things Are, right? I can understand why – […]

Coming Soon: 100 Scope Notes Covers Week


Normally, I like to keep the focus on what’s inside the book. However, every now and again I use these pages to write about what’s on the outside. Namely, covers – similar ones, unfortunate ones, trends and the like. It recently struck me as a good idea to devote an entire week of 100 Scope […]

Toon Reaction: 100 Scope Notes in School Library Journal


This Blog’s for You: Ten of the best blogs for folks who take kids’ lit seriously (but not too seriously) by Elizabeth Bird.

Nonfiction Monday: Children’s Book of Art


Children’s Book of Art DK Publishing ISBN: 9780756655112 $24.99 Grades 4-7 In Stores *Recommended* Really, kids are in prime position to be turned on to the wide world of art. If they don’t already draw for fun, classroom crafts, “draw a picture” assignments, and weekly art class ensure that elementary-aged youngsters are getting creative on […]

Link Du Jour: Watch the Newbery and Caldecott Awards Live


It’s never too early to bookmark, right? I found out via One-Minute Book Reviews that The American Library Association will continue the best idea ever to happen to their Youth Media Awards: the live webcast. From the ALA site: The American Library Association (ALA) will provide a free live webcast of its Youth Media Awards, […]

Dr. Seuss + Superheroes = Oh, the Things You'll Destroy!


What happens when you mix Seuss and superheroes? Something like this: Hand this one out come high school graduation time! Click the image below to head over to pop culture website BuzzFeed and see more Seuss-related collisions of worlds.

Happy Hole-oween!

Happy Hole-oween

On Hold @ the Library: October '09


The 2009-2010 school year is in full swing, so it’s time to break out the smelling salts and revive a feature that has laid dormant for a few months: On Hold @ the Library. For this month’s list, I looked at holds for the 5th and 6th grade building where I work. Usually I like […]

Cover Controversy: Related Radiographs

x-ray machine

Scene: A doctor’s office, early in the morning. Doctor: Good to see you! How have you been feeling? Cover Designer: I’ve been a bit stressed lately, Doc. I want to put some foliage on this cover, but it seems kinda played. You know, leaves, flowers – I don’t know if they’re going to stand out. […]

List: 100 Best Book Blogs?


Online School just posted a list of what they feel to be the 100 Best Book Blogs for Kids, Tweens, and Teens. 100 Scope Notes made the list, making me instantly skeptical of the whole operation. But I was pleasantly surprised. A few notable omissions to be sure (Bookends and Collecting Children’s Books to name […]

It's Covered


The concept of the blog Covered is wonderfully simple. Classic comic book covers are given the redo treatment by current artists. Some produce a painstakingly faithful recreation of the classic cover, while some put their own unique and/or grotesque spin on things. The results are (at least by this comic advocate’s estimation) almost uniformly interesting. […]