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Nonfiction Monday: John Brown – His Fight for Freedom by John Hendrix


John Brown: His Fight for Freedom By John Hendrix Abrams Books for Young Readers ISBN: 9780810937987 $18.95 Grades 3-6 In Stores *Best New Books* Christopher Columbus was a great man who overcame the odds to bravely discover North America. How do you feel about the above sentence? Pretty simplistic, right? You and I know there’s […]

Link Du Jour: A Newbery Mockery


Do you enjoy prognosticating the winner of the annual Newbery medal? Do you love engaging in some good ol’ thought provoking argumentation? Could you care less about children’s lit, but have an unhealthy obsession with the word “distinguished”? You need to read Heavy Medal, A Mock Newbery Blog at the School Library Journal website. Children’s […]

A Wild Things Cartoon


It started on Terrible Yellow Eyes, now Vice Magazine is getting in on the whole “art inspired by Where the Wild Things Are” game. Vice corralled 24 artists to create Wild Things themed works, which they are posting to a blog and publishing as a downloadable comic. How can you deny artist Ted May’s contribution? […]

Cover Controversy: Still Lookin'


While I’ve heard that optometrists approve of staring off into the distance to support long-term ocular health, I don’t think that’s what the characters on these covers are shooting for. I’d call it more of a “What does my future hold?” sort of look. Recently I featured two bizarro covers that were the same, yet […]

All Sold Out: NYT Bestsellers


The totals have been tallied and the returns have been filed. The findings found and the tables tabulated. Each week, the venerable New York Times lets the world know which books have been selling rather briskly lately. Working in a school library, this information can be helpful. Before this becomes yesterday’s news, lets take a […]

Link Du Jour: A Wild Things Collection


The silver screen version of Where the Wild Things Are hits theaters on October 16, and the internet action has been heavy. In preparation, here’s a sample of Wild Things-related links for your perusal. Where the Wild Things Are tattoos. Is there anything more fascinating than a large, full color, permanent  tribute to a kid’s […]

The 2009 Cybils: Get Your Nom On


Nomination season has begun for the 2009 Cybils, which is also known in some circles as the Children’s and Young Adult Blogger’s Literary Awards. You read? You read something you liked in 2009? Head over to the Cybils site and nominate it. I’m proud to be taking part in the awards this year in the […]

Toon Review: The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan


The Storm in the Barn By Matt Phelan Candlewick Press ISBN: 9780763636180 $24.99 Grades 5-7 In Stores *Recommended* Also reviewed by A Fuse #8 Production, Becky’s Book Reviews, educating alice. Find this book at your local library with WorldCat. Comics created using Bitstrips.

Book Review: Only a Witch Can Fly


Only a Witch Can Fly By Alison McGhee Illustrated by Taeeun Yoo Feiwel and Friends ISBN: 9780312375034 $16.99 Grades K-2 In Stores Call it lyrical, call it rhythmic – few things can split a picture book crowd like poetic text. Where do you stand? Some see it as a perfect way to expose young readers […]

Link Du Jour: It's Hard to Classify


Normally, I reserve this post for the latest video of a chimp reading a children’s book or some similar bit of nonsense. Today, however, our Sunday Link Du Jour is actually helpful. As a school librarian, I’m frequently deciding where to shelve new books we add to the collection. Most of the time these judgments […]

Video: Fox in Socks + Beatbox

If you knew that Dr. Seuss invented the work “crunk”, then this will seem like a natural combination. I wonder if these guys know about “The Dewey Rap“. [youtube=] (Thanks to kidlitnation for the link)

School Librarian Tip: Don't Spend it all in One Place


Saturday I made a run to the bookstore to pick some things up for the schools where I work. Here’s the result: We’ve got some new 39 Clues, The Magician’s Elephant, new Beyond Spiderwick, and others. It never fails – the school year starts, student requests start rolling in, and you realize you don’t have […]

Where the Parodies Are


Appears we’ve got a Where the Wild Things Are spoof on our hands: Where the Mild Things Are: a very meek parody by Maurice Send-Up. I first read about this on the outstandingly-named THWOK! (The Sound of a Hardcover Book Swung Into Someones Head). The other day, I saw it in person (inexplicably shelved in […]

Nonfiction Monday: How to Get Rich on the Oregon Trail by Tod Olson


How to Get Rich on the Oregon Trail By Tod Olson Illustrated by Scott Allred & Gregory Proch National Geographic ISBN: 9781426304125 $18.95 Grades 5-7 In Stores Review copy provided by publisher *Recommended* The rise of the journal format has been swift and, by my estimation, successful. Taking a story and telling it in the […]

Video: Inside the Harry Potter Theme Park


I recently learned about the planned Universal Studios Harry Potter theme park from Educating Alice (who has a nice roundup of related links). I think we can all agree that this is a good idea. Pop culture site BuzzFeed recently posted a video tour of the planned project. Let us have a look: [youtube=] Dang […]