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Create Your Debut YA Cover


Click here to view the Create Your Debut YA Cover gallery. Usually I don’t do YA, but… A few months back I posted the steps to Create Your Debut Fantasy Novel Cover. Now it’s time to do something for the Teens. Above is my debut YA cover. I had to modify the rules for this [...]

Book Review: The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly


The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate By Jacqueline Kelly Henry Holt ISBN: 9780805088410 $16.95 Grades 5-8 In Stores Review copy borrowed *Best New Books* Coming-of-age will never get old. Well, sometimes it seems like this type of story shows it’s age when another heavy-handed, contrived, or otherwise inauthentic attempt hits shelves. The fact that the coming-of-age [...]

Books Bought: NYT Bestsellers


Sometimes I like to see which books the general population is laying down their hard-earned clams for (attention: you may have just witnessed the first ever internet use of the word “clams” as slang for money). You interested? Let’s take a look. (Click here to read the entire New York Times Bestseller lists at Reading [...]

Cover Revealed! Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days


Hey, I guessed the color! Now all that’s left to do is wait until until October 12, when this sucker will hit shelves. Click here to watch an interview with author Jeff Kinney about Dog Days.

Video Clip: Will Arnett Reads Judy Blume


Fans of 30 Rock (and the vastly underrated Blades of Glory) will recognize Will Arnett. Little known fact – the actor’s deep voice has paved the way for voice-over work in a host of animated films and commercials. Appearing recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Arnett uses his vocal talents in a very children’s [...]

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4: Announcement Tomorrow, Prediction Today


Tomorrow (Thursday, July 23) the title, color, and cover artwork of the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid title will be revealed. Based on my extensive knowledge of the color wheel, I am going to go ahead and make one bold prediction: the cover will be yellow. Am I right? I’ve gotta be right on [...]

Children's Lit Commish: 'No More Non-Series Books'


The following is a work of fiction. In a shocking move that is sure to make waves for some time to come, the Children’s Literature Commissioner announced today that all newly published books must be part of a series. Explaining his decision by asserting, “The more, the merrier”, and “Godfather III is totally underrated”, the [...]

Nonfiction Monday: Road to Revolution! by Stan Mack and Susan Champlin


Road to Revolution! (The Cartoon Chronicles of America) By Stan Mack and Susan Champlin Bloomsbury Children’s Books ISBN: 9781599900131 $16.99 Grades 4-7 In Stores Review copy provided by publisher *Recommended* Quality graphic novels based on historical events are hard to find. And there have been many attempts. You’ve probably seen ‘em while flipping through a [...]

Sunday Link Du Jour: 100 Best Blogs for School Librarians


Are you a school librarian? Judging by that bun in your hair I’m guessing that’s a “yes” (I received an A+ in Librarian Stereotypes 101). Just signing up for Google Reader (or some form of RSS reader) today? I’d put those odds at 2,447 to 1, but I don’t do this to please the masses, [...]

Audio Clip: Book Carts, Yes, Book Carts on NPR


“It seems you can find a competition for anything.” So begins NPR’s report on the 2009 Book Cart Drill Team Championships. While my first reaction to the above quote is, “That’s cold, Robert Siegel”, I must quickly overcome my indignation and realize that this event is fairly unfathomable to the uninitiated masses. I didn’t attend [...]

Cover Controversy: Gettin' Dressed Up


Clothes and accessories say a lot about a book cover. How many times have you seen a book where a character on the cover is wearing glasses like this: or shoes like this: or a haircut like this: or a combination of all three and thought, “Ooh. That one ain’t gonna get many second looks.”? [...]

ALA Annual 2009: A Day in the Life (Part II)


Part II, in which the pictures get more sparse. 4:00 p.m. – Head to Feiwel & Friends gathering downtown. Walking in, I had one of those “I’m not sure what to expect” moments. Thankfully, there were a bunch of great people in the house. 4:23 -Hey, it’s Susan from Wizard’s Wireless and now PBS Booklights. [...]

ALA Annual 2009: A Day in the Life (Part I)


I accomplished many things during ALA Annual 2009. Chiefly, I accomplished the feat of hardly blogging about it at all while I was there (please, don’t congratulate too enthusiastically, this is easier than you might think). In an effort to right this wrong, I bring you a day in my life at ALA. The theme [...]

ALA Annual: Up Close and Personal with Caldecott Artwork

picture perfect

ALA Annual 2009 has begun and I’m here in Chicago soaking things up. After visiting the Caldecott exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago, I posted my top four moments over at the ALSC blog. Click here to read.

Book Review: Dying to Meet You by Kate Klise


Dying to Meet You: 43 Old Cemetery Road: Book 1 By Kate Klise Illustrated by M. Sarah Klise Harcourt ISBN: 9780152057275 $15.00 Grades 3-5 In Stores *Recommended* Also reviewed by emilyreads, Muddy Puddle Musings, Westbury Kids, TheHappyNappyBookseller. Find this book at your local library with WorldCat.