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Morning Notes: World’s Most Expensive Book Edition

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TOON REVIEWS – ONLY BETTER I occasionally attempt to review books in cartoon form, but Lisa Brown puts me to shame. On her site she gives the cartoon treatment to classics and recent titles – plus they’re funny. Click here to head over to Educating Alice for the link. CALDECOTT DOESN’T LOVE PHOTOS When you […]

Review: Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming

Clever Jack Takes The Cake

@MrSchuReads and I bring you (probably) the world’s first children’s book review using Twitter…

Cover Curiosity: Seeing Double

Strange Happenings

Something (kinda) old and two somethings new in today’s Cover Curiosity. Click here to see all past Cover Curiosity posts. The following covers use the mirror effect in three different ways, yet a similar trio they make. First up, something (kinda) old: Strange Happenings by Avi. Published May 2006. Something new… The Properties of Water […]

Books Lovingly Distributed

Book Stacks

The names have been drawn, and the drawn shall be named. Thanks to everyone who emailed and Twittered their interest in the October Book Giveaway. These are the lucky souls you can grumble about: Janet B. is now the proud owner of Nola’s Worlds. Tanya M. will soon be enjoying her copy of Sir Charlie.

Link Du Jour: 5 Children’s Lit Jack o’ Lanterns


Sometimes you have to ask “Why not?” As in, “Why not stroll in at the last second with five examples of children’s lit jack o’ lanterns?” Since I can’t give a good reason to the contrary, let’s take a look at some pumpkins: 1. Harry Potter Bonus points here for getting the lightning bolt scar […]

On Hold @ the Library: October 2010


What you are about to see is real. These are the books that actual, honest-to-goodness children are putting on hold at the school libraries where I work. The photo below (of books on hold at my 3rd and 4th grade school) has not been altered in any way. Wait, let’s make this easier on ourselves: […]

Books Free of Charge: October ’10 Givaway


New batch of books to give away here (I like to work in small batches). If you would like either of the books below, send me an email ( or a Twitter message (@100scopenotes) before 11:59 pm on Friday night (Oct. 29th). Be sure to name the book you are most interested in. Winners will […]

Review: Extraordinary Ernie & Marvelous Maud by Frances Watts


Extraordinary Ernie & Marvelous Maud By Frances Watts Illustrated by Judy Watson Eerdmans Books ISBN: 978082853639 $5.99 Grades 2-3 In Stores Quality low-level series don’t grow on trees. Well actually, Extraordinary Ernie and Marvelous Maud doesn’t either – it hails from the UK – but I think you get where I’m going here. Light fun […]

Morning Notes: Green Eggs & Shirt Edition

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EVERYBODY HAS A LIST Author/illustrator Sergio Ruzzier (Hey, Rabbit!) has a great idea – ask book-related folks for their top 10 picture books and share the results, list by list. I even get in on the action. Click here to read. THE LORAX LOOKS LIKE WILFORD BRIMLEY? Based on this still from the upcoming Lorax […]

Mega Cover Curiosity: Battle of the Zombie Trends

Great Wall

Some cover trends are like zombies – they refuse to die (this knowledge of zombie movies is strictly secondhand, as I’m too chicken to actually watch this sort of film). Today we look at not one, not two, but a trio of trends that I thought were buried, yet dramatically shot their gnarled hands out […]

Controversy Report: It’s a Book


I have an uncanny ability (see also: curse) to agree with both sides of an argument. Although I am an avid fan of sports programs where everyone yells their hastily-formed, yet brazenly unwavering opinions at each other, I personally try to avoid blowhard-ism at all costs. I try to see both sides. Which is why […]

Where Were You During the First Twitter Book Review?


Tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 26th) at 8:00pm EST, I will proudly team up with fellow school librarian and Twitter all-star John Schumacher for the world’s first children’s lit Twitter book review. I’m not saying children’s lit history is going to be made, but I’m certainly going to pretend like it is. So which book will […]

Link Du Jour: Author Visits & HP Tattoos

School Visits 101

In a weird way, the two links I’m bringing to the table today sum up 100 Scope Notes as well as anything I’ve posted. One part serious, one part absurd. First up, the serious: Fellow school librarians take note! ShelfTalker has a wonderfully useful post about managing a successful author visit. Whatever you do, don’t […]

Review: Birdy’s Smile Book by Laurie Keller


Birdy’s Smile Book By Laurie Keller Henry Holt (Macmillan) ISBN: 9780805088830 $16.99 Grades K-2 In Stores I used to be upset with electronic dance music. Too repetitive, too synthetic, too cheesy I thought. But I was ignoring a fact that explained it all – that this sort of music is created for one purpose: to […]

Morning Notes: Sold! Edition

Morning Notes Banner

I’m in the midst of book fair madness at my schools – just a quick Morning Notes today. CHARLOTTE SOLD; EXCEEDS PREDICTIONS Original artwork from Charlotte’s web recently hit the auction block, and  sold for five times higher than expected. Click here to read the details. SEUSS MANUSCRIPT UNCOVERED Recently an unpublished Dr. Seuss manuscript […]