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2016 Preview Interview: Phaidon

Phaidon Books

I’ve been following Phaidon’s children’s books for a few years now – mainly due to their Tomi Ungerer reissues and inventive Herve Tullet board books. This spring, Phaidon is expanding their children’s list. I talked to Cecily Kaiser (formerly of Scholastic and Abrams) about this fresh batch of books. Travis Jonker: Greetings from Michigan! How are […]

More to Note: Lots of 2016 Spring Books I’m Looking Forward to


Rivers will no doubt flood with tears when I tell you that I have a hard time narrowing down my 10 to Note previews (here’s my attempt). Because of that, I thought I’d do a little speed round of spring books (publishing in March, April, and May) that are also looking good. Images only.

10 to Note: Spring Preview 2016

Spring Preview 2016

Spring: not sprung. But that’s why they call it a preview, folks! As I wait patiently for the moles to wreak havoc on my yard (a spring tradition around here) I will kill time by sharing ten books that give me a case of the double-takes. Picture Books A Hungry Lion, or A Dwindling Assortment […]

More Yarn! Rebecca Stead: Goodbye Stranger Unravelled

Yarn Notebook

We’re continuing our series called The Unraveller, where an author or illustrator brings us behind the scenes of one of their books. The latest episode is up, with author Rebecca Stead talking about Goodbye Stranger. Giveaway time! We are giving away a signed copy of Goodbye Stranger. Click here to enter. If you’re not sure how to download […]

The Most Annoying Board Book Ever


Morning Notes: Bills in Books Edition


THURSDAY AT THE THEATER While there was a Japanese animated film, The Magic Tree House series has never been adapted for U.S. audiences. That may change soon. Click here to read. (Thanks to EarlyWord for the link) GO NERDCAMPING Nerdcamp MI is going to be great this year. Short description: it’s an unconference focused on literacy. Long […]

Nonfiction Monday: Dr. Seuss: The Great Doodler by Kate Klimo

Dr. Seuss Doodler

Dr. Seuss: The Great Doodler By Kate Klimo Illustrated by Steve Johnson & Lou Fancher Random House Books ISBN: 9781101935514 $12.99 Grades K-2 Out January 26, 2016 Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library There are plenty of picture book biographies out there. And plenty that fall in the chapter zone (of which the […]

More Yarn! Gary D. Schmidt: Orbiting Jupiter Unravelled (Part 2)


Last week I shared the first part of our interview with Gary D. Schmidt talking about Orbiting Jupiter. This week we have the conclusion. Hear Gary talk about: his interpretation of the Orbiting Jupiter cover. his love of the typewriter. why Anita Silvey yelled at him. his admiration for the writing bravery of Kate DiCamillo. Giveaway […]

4 Things I Noticed About the Bestselling Children’s Books of 2015

Batman Thinking

Yesterday Publishers Weekly released their lists of the bestselling children books of 2015. Here’s what I noticed… 1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School topped the fiction list by a mile. Second place, John Green’s Paper Towns, trailed by a mere … 500,000 copies. Yes, #1 beat #2 by a number that almost matched the total […]

Library Litter

Litter 1

Ugh! Litterbug! How many times do I have to say not to litter the library with date due slips from Caldecott Medal winning books? Caldecott Medal winner date due slip litter is the worst. Backstory: In the 90s our school library automated their checkout system (I wasn’t here for that). You know the drill – […]

First Second Tenth: A Cover Extravaganza

First Second

Publisher First Second is ten years old. Ten years of making some of the best graphic novels around – for kids and grown-ups. To celebrate, I thought it would be fun for First Second artists to pay tribute to their favorite First Second books. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? That’s how the […]

#Holdshelf: January 2016

I am endlessly fascinated by the books that end up on the holds shelf of our school library. Some are expected. Some are seemingly out of left field. I’m going to play-by-play this Vine of our most recent shelf while repeatedly listening to Lose Yourself to Dance on my headphones. Whoa – a little Beatrix […]

More Yarn! Gary D. Schmidt: Orbiting Jupiter Unravelled


We’re continuing our new series called The Unraveller, where an author or illustrator brings us behind the scenes of one of their books. The latest episode is up, with author Gary D. Schmidt talking about Orbiting Jupiter. If you’re not sure how to download a podcast to your phone, allow Ira Glass and his friend […]

One Star Review Guess Who? (#40)

One Star Review Guess Who

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? I found this to be the singular most irritating gift upon graduation day…and while I like [Author] okay and all, I don’t necessarily find wisdom in his rhymes upon graduating from college. When [Author] can find me a job, then […]

Calde-Bump, Newbery Jump


The Caldecott and Newbery sell books. How have the recent winners fared on the bestseller lists? Here are the picture book bestsellers from last week (which takes data from before the awards were announced): And here are the picture book bestsellers for this week: Notice the change? Finding Winnie moved to number one, Last Stop […]