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Link Du Jour: A Lamp for Book Lovers


Best lamp ever? The Lumio lamp, a Kickstarter project, looks like it will soon be a reality. Click here to read more. (Thanks to Book Patrol for the link)

Children’s Lit Commish: All Books Must End in Sleep


The following is a work of fiction. In a shocking move, the International Children’s Literature Commissioner has announced that all picture books must end in sleep. Appearing weary and sleep-deprived before the assembled children’s literature press this morning, the commissioner’s voice rarely rose above a whisper. “Currently, a full 71% of picture books end with [...]

The Niblings

The Niblings Logo

I’m all for teaming up. When Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blogger Julie Danielson had the idea to do a Facebook page joining of forces with Philip Nel (Nine Kinds of Pie), and Elizabeth Bird (A Fuse #8 Production) my response was a very dignified “aww yeah”. Next, Phil came up with the Tove Jansson-inspired moniker. [...]

Books on Film: The Library Workout Tape

Library Tape

It isn’t often you come across something this gloriously odd. All credit to the website Book Patrol for bringing The Betty Glover Library Workout Tape to light. It’s a feast of obsolete library technologies, 80s hits, and “what the?!” moments. Created as a student project in 1987 at Arizona State University, this is pure VHS [...]

Morning Notes: One Coin, Two Coin, Red Coin, Blue Coin Edition

Morning Notes Banner

CALDECOTT SECRETS Or rather, why are there so many? Click here to read. NPR ON SENDAK Morning Edition recently used the occasion of Maurice Sendak’s final work “My Brother’s Book” to talk about the man and his legacy. Click here to listen. THIS BOOK NEEDS A HOLOGRAM What is the wave of the future when [...]

Recap: Anderson’s Children’s Lit Breakfast 2013

Breakfast 1

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*¹ It’s 4:30 am in the middle February – you know what that means: time to make the early morning trek to the annual Anderson’s Bookshops Children’s Literature Breakfast! ¹I became aware, soon after writing this, that starting a blog post with an alarm clock going off might be the most depressing intro [...]

Cybils Winners Announced!

Cybils 2012

Sometimes an awards list comes out and you think, “not too shabby”. Other times an awards list comes out and you think, “absolutely no shabbiness here whatsoever. Indeed, zero shabbiness”. That’s the 2012 Cybils winners. It’s an excellent group of winners. As a member of the Fiction Picture Book committee, I’m thrilled A Home for [...]

Unfortunate Covers (#21)

Nighty Nightmare

It’s been a while since we’ve done this (poor Homer Price) so let’s do a little recap. If a good book is sporting a cover that isn’t helping, you’ve got yourself an Unfortunate Cover. The Unfortunate Cover can be a tough situation to remedy. You can booktalk the heck out of it to spur some [...]

Morning Notes: Robert McCloskey Chicken Coop Edition

Morning Notes Banner

SENDAK SCHOOL You may have heard, but they’re naming a New York City public school after Maurice Sendak. This seems a fine idea to me. Click here to read.   NEW HARRY POTTER COVERS Publisher’s Weekly just announced this morning that September will bring new covers for the paperback edition of the Harry Potter series. [...]

10 to Note: Spring Preview 2013

10 to Note Spring 2013

It’s time to once again to look at the season before us and say “that looks good”. What follows are books coming out in March, April, and May that appear to have promise. Picture Book Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird; illustrated by Brandon Dorman April 23 | Greenwillow | Grades K-2 Ever heard of [...]

Book Blogger Toolbox

Book Blogger Toolbox

You know in the movie Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey when Bill and Ted realize that they can, because of time travel, leave things for their past selves to find? This is what I’m doing here. And hey, if time travel doesn’t end up happening, hopefully it’s of some use to folks thinking of starting [...]

On Big Box Books and Vinyl (Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ New)

Recorded Books

I’m definitely not the first to make this sort of comparison… In the early Aughts I hit my fair share of chain music store liquidation sales. Sam Goody, Tower Records, and other mall-type CD shops that were going out of business post music industry collapse. I didn’t feel good about the doors closing, but I [...]

Morning Notes: Your Story Is Like a Car Edition

Morning Notes Banner

WRITING ADVICE FROM MO WILLEMS I’d say Mr. Willems has a handle on writing for kids (Boom! *Understatement Award*). He recently put out a list of tips on his blog titled How to Write in 4 Easy Steps, 4 Kinda Harder Steps, and 1 Pretty Much Impossible Step. Anyone who reads, critiques, writes, or hopes [...]

Children’s Literature: The Movie

CMDb Page

CAST:  Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel …  Daniel Day Lewis  Roald Dahl …  John Lithgow  JK Rowling …  Helen Hunt (via Heidi F.)  Jack Gantos …  Chris Cooper (via Shannon O.)  Jerry Spinelli …  Sam Waterston (via Erica)  Louis Sachar …  Larry David (via John S.)  Kate DiCamillo …  Meg Ryan  John Scieszka …  Tom Colicchio  Daniel “Lemony [...]

Review: Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier

Open This Little Book

Open This Little Book By Jesse Klausmeier Illustrated by Suzy Lee Chronicle Books ISBN: 9780811867832 $16.99 Grades PreK-2 In Stores Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Some books, you just have to see. When a title like the inventive Open This Little Book arrives, a description alone doesn’t do it much justice. But [...]