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The Bittersweet Librarian: Full Saturation

Copies of Wonder

You know, I thought I would be happy to see this day. The day when, if a student asked for this book, I could stride over to the shelf, heroically pull it from its place, and make a kid’s day, instead of what I usually have to do: tell them “I think it’s checked out. […]

Book Covers: Before and After

Skinny Bones Old

While I tend to think I can spot a cover that will not be a huge success, it can be very difficult to know which covers will draw positive attention – and for what reasons. There are certainly times when I think as I set a book face out, “I better reinforce the carpet in this […]

Morning Notes: Hidden Panda Edition

Old Book

LITTLE PRINCE PULLED The release of the animated version of the classic book has been delayed for, as E.B. White might say, secret reasons. The plan, as it stands, is for the film to come out later this year with a different distributor. Click here to read more. SHORTLISTED The shortlists for the Carnegie and […]

Who’s Waldo? 3 Seek-and-Find Finds for 2016

Where's the Elephant

A book hasn’t caused me this much trouble since Where’s Waldo went to that barber pole factory. -Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock [Episode 4.02: Into the Crevasse] Seek and find: the original interactive children’s books. While maddening to some fictional sketch comedy performers (see: above), kids often regard them quite differently – with fascination. Most library […]

Create Your Own Meta Picture Book

Meta Generator

Meta picture books, where a book somehow comments on the book itself, have seen an explosion in popularity in the last few years, with a number of wildly creative titles. You know what I’m talking about… For fun, why not create your own. Use one of the Meta Picture Book Title generators below. Go ahead […]

One Star Review Guess Who (#41)

One Star Review Guess Who

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? Like any other survival book. “OMG! What Am I Going To Do My Plane crashed!” *Cool Survival skills* “OH,Someone rescued me Yay!” *the End* Click here for the answer. One Star Review Guess Who (#1) One Star Review Guess […]

Morning Notes: “For Good Luck” Edition

HP Skate

A NEW SHOW FOR YOUR EARS Attention people who commute/walk/jog/do laundry/draw pictures for a living – The Horn Book just launched a podcast. Horn Book editor Roger Sutton answers sartatorial questions submitted by readers. Kidding! Sutton and fellow Horn Book colleague Siân Gaetano chew the fat about artisanal Chex mix, social media, Harry Potter, the […]

Instagramming an Author Visit: Ruth McNally Barshaw

RMB Window

Window decorated: Signs created: And hung: Gift bag assembled. (Thank you Niki (a.k.a. Daydream Reader)): Student book orders procured: Let’s do this. Yesterday author/illustrator Ruth McNally Barshaw visited our school. It was a good day. Way back in aught eight, I read, loved, and reviewed Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen Will Travel (I forgot how nuts […]

Books on Film: In the Studio with Marla Frazee

Books On Film Banner

I will take any “in the studio with…” video you got, but this one’s special. Marla Frazee shares her life, work and inspirations. It’s so well done. (Thanks to a bunch of people on Facebook for the link)

Donald Trump Reviews Children’s Books

Trump Reviews

Today we have a guest post by the frontrunner in the race for the republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump¹. He offered to review a few Dr. Seuss classics… Green Eggs and Ham Phony loser Ted Cruz’s favorite book. Not surprising – it was written by another Ted (Geisel) who also uses a phony name. Careful – […]

2016 Books from Geisel Winners

2016 Geisel

What better way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday than by looking at new books from past (Theodor Seuss) Geisel winners? There are probably a couple better ways I suppose but, you know, on such short notice it might be hard to change plans here. Listing all the new books from past Geisel winners is tricky, […]

2016 Books from Coretta Scott King Winners

2016 CSK

We’ve looked at new books from past Caldecott and Newbery recipients, why not let the good times roll? Below are all the 2016 books from past Coretta Scott King winners. If I missed one, let me know in the comments. Coretta Scott King Illustrator: Lift Your Light a Little Higher by Heather Henson, illustrated by Bryan Collier (September […]

Happy #bookfacefriday!

Shel Bookface

If you don’t follow the #bookfacefriday hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, it’s fun.

Morning Notes: Sweet Caldecott Dreams Edition


BOOK FIGHT The annual Battle of the Kids Books is ramping up over at SLJ. Judges have been announced. Books named. Brackets released. This will be fun. Click here for all of it. YOU WON A CYBILS AWARD I didn’t mention this before? How did I not mention this before? The Cybils winners have been […]

2016 Books from Newbery Winners

2016 Newbery Winners

Around a third of Newbery Medal and Honor winners have won more than once. I actually looked into that. We better run down the 2016 books from past Newbery winners, then. In case you missed it, I did the same thing for Caldecott Winners For the sake of my sanity, I excluded picture books from […]