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One Star Review Guess Who? (#49)

One Star Review Guess Who

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? This is the kind of literature that caused the panic that led to the Salem Witch Trials. Click here for the answer. One Star Review Guess Who (#1) One Star Review Guess Who (#2) One Star Review Guess Who (#3) […]

The Geisel Award Infographic


The world needs more children’s literature infographics, I say. I’ve already tried to remedy the situation with The Newbery Medal Infographic and The Caldecott Medal Infographic. Today I put together an infographic for a fairly new award, the Geisel. (Click to enlarge)

Happy Birthday To . . . Every Author Ever

Birthday Cake

September 8 is Jon Scieszka’s birthday. Next week is Roald Dahl’s. I like author and illustrator birthdays, and it’s fun to share them with kids too. One of the best places to find them is over at Through the Looking Glass. Click here for their big ol’ list, sorted by month.

Morning Notes: Cover Not Final Edition

Gum Girl 2

ANNA DEWDNEY: 1965-2016 Sad news. Anna Dewdney, creator of the beloved Llama Llama series of picture books, has passed away. Click here to read more over at Publishers Weekly. CELEBRITY LIBRARIAN I hope after this piece, Rita Meade introduces herself as “Celebrity Librarian Rita Meade”. (Thanks to LISNews for the link) PICTURE BOOKS FOR NEWBERY […]

A Tribute to the Best Picture Book Author Photo of All Time

Stern Author Photo

There have been some great picture book author photos before. I’m pretty fond of Don and Audrey Wood on the back of In The Napping House: And of course, Uncle Shelby on the back of The Giving Tree: But those shots (and all other picture book author photos in recorded history) can’t touch an author […]

Notes on August 2016


In August . . . I Snapped with Hugo Cabret. Snapchat has a purpose. we added a Planet of the Apes twist to well-known children’s books. Every book is better with a decaying statue of liberty at the end. we looked at the Most Astonishingly Unconventional Children’s Books of 2016. It’s a good crop this […]

Exclusive Book Cover Reveal: CLAYMATES by Dev Petty and Lauren Eldridge


I am a sucker for unique illustration techniques. Photographs, cut paper, painted hands – yes, yes, and well, maybe not (but upon further contemplation, heck yes). Because of this affinity for the unique, an upcoming book called Claymates has been on my radar for a while. It’s written by Dev Petty (author of I Don’t […]

Every EVERY Book


I’ve been noticing a batch of 2016 books with “Every” at the start of the title. Have you noticed this too? It’s more YA-ish than anything, but here’s every (sorry, had to do it) 2016 example I could find:

Books on Film: How to Spot a First Edition of The Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat First Edition

My book collection is as haphazard as they come. Maybe because of this, I’ve always admired folks who collect books with a purpose – 1st editions, signed copies, all the winners of a specific award – that kind of thing. I recently came across this video, where a rare book expert breaks down all the elements […]

It’s a Summer #Bookaday Tweetstorm!


Ah, summer – the days get longer, the LaCroix starts flowing like water, the #bookaday reading begins. You know, #bookaday, the summer reading challenge started by Book Whisperer Donalyn Miller. Here are a few of the books I read and liked over the summer. #bookaday — Travis Jonker (@100scopenotes) August 6, 2016 #bookaday A […]

Morning Notes: Thrifty and Commonsensical Edition

Children's Reading

THE ITALIAN GOVERNMENT IS GIVING TEENS €500 ON THEIR 18TH BIRTHDAY TO SPEND ON BOOKS Real Headline Alert! This is pretty cool. (Thanks to Minh Lê for the link) UNSHELVED GOES TO THE MOVIES Unshelved has added to their movie poster parody collection: DOWNRIGHT ROCOCO I’ve always been fascinated by the Berenstain Bear treehouse. How […]

The Most Astonishingly Unconventional Children’s Books of 2016


Pushing the envelope. Pushing boundaries. Pushing buttons. Here’s to children’s books that expand our assumptions of what a children’s book can be. Previously . . . The Wildest Children’s Books of 2015 The Wildest Children’s Books of 2014 The Wildest Children’s Books of 2013 The Wildest Children’s Books of 2012 Look Up! by Jung Jin-Ho Holiday […]

One Star Review Guess Who (#48)

One Star Review Guess Who

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? i could never read [Title] as a child because i always wanted to punch by the third page. WHY ARE YOU HANGING UP THE LIGHTBULBS WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM Click here for the answer. One Star Review Guess Who […]

Cover Curiosity: Face to Face

Hannah and Sugar

Some book covers, I think, are designed to like other book covers on purpose. Like this, for example. Others happen to share a general composition. Here’s one such pair. Today we have a case of the latter, a compositionally congruent duo. First up . . . Hannah and Sugar by Kate Berube Second up . […]

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Princess Cora and the Crocodile by Laura Amy Schlitz and Brian Floca

Good Masters

How To Make a Book I Am Looking Forward to Reading (In 5 Steps): Step 1: Take the author of Newbery Medal winning book Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Step 2: Take the author/illustrator of Caldecott Medal winning book Locomotive. Step 3: Combine talents. Step 4: Wait until March 28th, 2017 (sorry, these things take time). […]