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What’s the Children’s Lit EGOT?


Recently, John Legend joined what might be the most exclusive club in show biz – people who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award, also called an E.G.O.T. It made me wonder what the children’s book equivalent of an EGOT is, and of course, who is in the club. The awards would have […]

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Bikes for Sale by Carter Higgins and Zachariah OHora

Bikes for Sale

Cover reveals for friends are the best kind of cover reveals. Carter Higgins has been a pal since back in the Undies Case Cover Awards days. She wrote a book Called Bikes for Sale (out April 9, 2019), and the fantastic Zachariah OHora illustrated it. It’s a lovely book. Today I get to share the […]

Will This Children’s Book Creator Win The World’s Biggest Art Competition?


Aaron Zenz. You know him. You love him. You enjoy listening to him take us behind the scenes of his school visit process: You like reading his books about hippos, and griffins, and monsters. But here’s something you might not know about him – he just might win the world’s largest art competition. It’s called ArtPrize, […]

Review: Mr. Wolf’s Class by Aron Nels Steinke

Mr. Wolf's Class

Mr. Wolf’s Class By Aron Nels Steinke Graphix (Scholastic) ISBN: 9781338047684 $18.99 Grades 2-4 Out Now Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Teaching (and school librarianship) is one of the lucky rare professions where every year there is a sense of renewal. New year, fresh start. There is no fresher start than being […]

Morning Notes: 2nd Day of School Edition

Morning Notes Banner

LONGLISTIN’ The longlist for the Young People’s Literature category of the National Book Awards is here. Let’s have a look at the books: ‘HOW #METOO IS SHAKING UP THE CHILDREN’S BOOK MARKET’ Real headline alert! Or I should say “Innacurate Headline Alert!” The New York Post tries wading into the children’s book waters with this […]

Nailed It: A New Logo for 100 Scope Notes

New Scope Notes Logo

I don’t know why, but I recently felt compelled to update the 100 Scope Notes logo. It needed to be something bolder. Something more modern. Something . . . oddly repetitive. I worked all night and now I want to show you the brand-new 100 Scope Notes logo: On second thought, I think I’ll keep […]

10 to Note: Fall Preview 2018

Fall Preview 2018

I flagged 142 books coming out in September, October, and November that looked good, then let them battle it out until only ten remained. It’s time to see what came out on top. (And if you’re into fall previews, be sure to check out Alternative Anticipated Children’s Books of Fall 2018 over at A Fuse […]

Review: Fairy Spell by Marc Tyler Nobleman

Fairy Spell

Fairy Spell: How Two Girls Convinced the World That Fairies Are Real By Marc Tyler Nobleman Illustrated by Eliza Wheeler Clarion Books (HMH) ISBN: 9780544699489 $17.99 Grades 1-4 Out Now *Best New Book* Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library You thought fake news was new? Way before intentional misinformation was spread to influence […]

What Is Inside the September Installment of FROM THE DESK OF 100 SCOPE NOTES?


I recently sent out the September installment of FROM THE DESK OF 100 SCOPE NOTES. It’s dedicated to books about writing and creativity that I’ve found helpful. Click here to read it. Beginning in September, I’m going to send out two installments of FROM THE DESK OF 100 SCOPE NOTES each month. What can you expect? Original […]

Morning Notes: Riffing with Sendak Edition


THE CYBILS WANTS YOU . . . Do be a judge for the annual Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers Literary (AKA Cybils) Awards. Click here to learn more and apply. TAKING A STAND You read that piece in the New York Times yesterday? No not that one. The one about children’s book creators showing their […]

On This Episode of Library Hoarders . . . ME


You see this file cabinet? When I got hired for my current job, this file cabinet was in the back office. Full of files put in there by my predecessor. After I got hired I took a look in there and said, “I’ll wait a year and see if I end up needing any of […]

Don’t Read These 2018 Picture Books on Labor Day


Today is Labor Day, so make sure you don’t read any of these 2018 picture books. Your first day is tomorrow, Duck. Learn the answer tomorrow. Today, it’s No Job. Take a day off, princesses. EXTRA! EXTRA! DON’T READ THIS BOOK TODAY! Have a nice Labor Day, everyone.

Notes on August 2018

Back to School

In August . . . . . . back to school books went back to school. There are a batch of beginning the school year books to look out for. . . . we looked at the most unusual bookmarks Etsy has to offer. Etsy has everything. . . . the Google search box rewrote […]

Books on Film: Pete the Cat Comes to Amazon Prime

Books On Film Banner

The blue cat (no, not that one) continues his world domination plan¹. Pete will soon be available to stream to a small screen near you. Watch the trailer below. https://deadline.com/2018/08/pete-the-cat-trailer-premiere-date-for-amazon-toon-series-starring-jacob-tremblay-1202446011/

I’m Not Sure We’re in the Responsibility Business: Deep Thoughts by 100 Scope Notes


The school year is about to begin again around here, and now is the time when I lounge on futons while wearing windbreakers and think deep thoughts. The thing on my mind right now is responsibility. Specifically, this: Is it part of our job as school librarians to try teach it? This is the sort of […]