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Sold Out: Book Giveaway Winners


The cruel hand of fate has spoken, and it turns it the hand isn’t always that cruel. Sometimes, instead of delivering karate chops, it hands out books. Here are this month’s book giveaway winners: Terry D. will get a copy of “The Wheat Doll”. Kimberly B. will soon have “I’m Looking for a Monster” in […]

5 Questions With Cece Bell


“Bee-Wigged” is at the top of my wonderfully crazy picture books of the year list. About a bee who wears a toupee and is mistaken for a boy, “Bee-Wigged” is a funny, well executed tale about first impressions and being yourself. Author/Illustrator Cece Bell was kind enough to stop by and take part in the […]

Book Review: Wabi Sabi


Wabi Sabi By Mark Reibstein Illustrated by Ed Young Little, Brown ISBN: 9780316118255 $16.99 Grades 4 and Up In Stores *Best New Books* “Wabi Sabi” is a book you have to see and hold – a review doesn’t do it justice. From its beautifully grotesque illustrations (and I mean that as a compliment) on luxuriously […]

Unfortunate Covers (#7)


What you see above is my all-time favorite bad album cover. Believe it or not, this was hanging on my wall for the duration of my junior and senior years of college. The difference between this bad album cover and the latest Unfortunate Cover is what’s on the inside. The record that was inside the […]

Books (Not) For Sale! (November '08 Book Giveaway)


It’s a day late, but like the famous saying goes: “Late a day? Still give them books away.” Not famous, you say? Well, maybe with your help we can make it so. Below you will find two books for the taking. If you are interested in one, send me an email ( before midnight tonight. […]

Toon Review: Who Made This Cake?


Who Made This Cake? By Chihiro Nakagawa Illustrated by Junji Koyose Front Street ISBN: 9781590785959 $16.95 Grades PreK-1 In Stores *Best New Books* Also reviewed by Pink Me, Kids Lit. Find this book at your local library with WorldCat. (Comics created using Bitstrips)

Back Monday


100 Scope Notes will be up on the shelf until Monday due to holiday travels. See you back here then. (Image: ‘Flaming Red Oak‘

Book Review: Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley


Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley By Aaron Blabey Front Street ISBN: 9781590785966 $16.95 Grades K-2 In Stores *Best New Books* There are plenty of children’s books based on friendship. It’s an important topic, so I don’t mind. Some books about friendship show rather than tell – they don’t explain how the process works, but show […]

Nonfiction Monday: Take Me Back – A Trip Through History


Take Me Back: a trip through history from the stone age to the digital age DK Publishing ISBN: 9780756640903 $24.99 Grades 5 and Up In Stores History has a hard time being hip – especially in the eyes of young readers. While adults know that past events are relevant to the present, kids are busy […]

Children's Lit Gold: 'Obama' Rhymes with 'Mama'


From the author who brought you the kinda weird “Why Mommy is a Democrat” and “Why Daddy is a Democrat” books, which I posted about last summer, comes a new not-so-subtle title, “Mama Voted for Obama“. I don’t see this one getting much play in school libraries – the promotional blurb doesn’t help matters: This colorful book […]

Caldecott Post Updated

I accidentally posted “The Caldecott Award: A Member’s Methods” before it was finished. Many apologies. If you’re using an RSS reader, the finished post won’t show so… *Please click here to read the finished product* *Don’t be shy*

The Caldecott Award: A Member’s Methods


Here in Michigan, the snow is already falling and what the locals call “Caldecott Season” is upon us. By locals, I mean local children’s librarians. We go out into the woods, into our Caldecott blinds and Caldecott tree stands, quietly waiting with anticipation for the nominees to appear. While I’m busy compiling my list of […]

Spike Jonze on 'Where the Wild Things Are'


Seems like there hasn’t been much news on the “Where the Wild Things Are” movie front lately.  Last I heard the whole thing was getting scrapped. Things changed Tuesday when Ain’t It Cool News posted their interview with the film’s director, Spike Jonze. Apparently, the film is back on track. That whole “scrapping the project” […]

An Evening With Patricia Polacco


Alright, I suppose it was more of a “Late Afternoon With Patricia Polacco”, but that doesn’t have the same ring. ‘Round these parts (the Mitten state) If you ask a elementary school librarian who would be on at the top of their Michigan author visit list, nine times out of ten you would hear the […]

Book Review: Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek


Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: A Tall, Thin Tale By Deborah Hopkinson Illustrated by John Hendrix Schwartz & Wade Books ISBN: 9780375837685 $16.99 Grades 1-3 In Stores *Best New Books* Let me say off the bat that I’m biased. Abe Lincoln holds a special place in my stovepipe, which I have worn for the last […]