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Nonfiction Monday: All About Sleep From A to Zzzz


All About Sleep From A to Zzzz by Elaine Scott Illustrated by John O’Brien Viking ISBN: 9780670061884 $17.99 Grades 5-8 In Stores *Recommended* How’s your sleep section doing? If it’s like the one at the school library I call home, then it could be better. The 100 Scope Notes Research Department (see: my wild imagination) […]

Toon Review: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems


Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed By Mo Willems Hyperion ISBN: 9781423114376 $16.99 Grades PreK-1 In Stores *Recommended* Find this book at your local library with WorldCat. Visit the Mo Willems Blog. Play the Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed Game. (Comics created using Bitstrips)

Controversy Report: Cover Cut-Out Coincidence?


Pointing out similar book covers is not the hard-hitting children’s lit knowledge that I feel you deserve. It’s just fun. So don’t worry about it  and take a look at the latest similarity that came to my attention: Firegirl by Tony Abbot. And… Carlos is Gonna Get It by Kevin Emerson. Side by side: Firegirl […]

Book Review: Skeleton Creek


Skeleton Creek By Patrick Carman Scholastic Press ISBN: 9780545075664 $14.99 Grades 5 and Up In Stores Feb. 10, 2009 *Recommended* (Warning: This book is not a graphic novel, but I’m about to use that genre to help describe this book. You’ll see how it connects in a minute.) When I was in middle school I […]

2009 Caldecott Medal Predictions


It’s an exciting time of the year, isn’t it? The awards, the accolades, the peanut butter buckeyes (ask me about them sometime) – all things (except the buckeyes) point to discovering which children’s books stood out in 2008. I’ve been paying attention over the past year, read tons of picture books, and I’ve got some […]

Sunday Link Du Jour: Watch the ALA Media Awards Live


Not going to be in Denver for the ALA Media Awards on January 26th? You know, the event where they start passing out all the big children’s book awards, including the Newbery and Caldecott? You’re not alone. I won’t be attending on account of I’m 27 years old and the current value of my change […]

Audio Clip: Two Titles Tackle Tough Topic


A children’s lit aligning of the planets? First I read the hot-off-the-presses Fuse #8 Production review of Two Bobbies by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery. Then I hear an NPR piece on two childrens books that address Hurricane Katrina, Molly the Pony and the aforementioned Two Bobbies. Well, maybe “aligning of planets” is overstating things […]

Nonfiction Monday: The Most Fantastic Atlas of the Whole Wide World


The Most Fantastic Atlas of the Whole Wide World By Simon Adams Illustrated by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar DK Publishing ISBN: 9780756640095 $19.99 Grades 4 and Up In Stores *Recommended* Just as an Oreo dipped in white fudge is more that just a cookie, The Most Fantastic Atlas of the Whole Wide World is […]

Book Review: Footprints in the Snow


Footprints in the Snow By Mei Matsuoka Henry Holt and Company ISBN: 9780805087925 $16.95 Grades 1-3 In Stores I had my one any only DJ gig right around the time “Hey Ya!” by Outkast was a big hit. I ended that night with an experiment: how many times can I play that song in a […]

Winter's Break


Due to skiing, sauna-ing, and life-risking holiday travels, 100 Scope Notes will be out of comission until Friday. See you back here then.

2008 Reader Poll Results!


The votes have been cast and the results of the 2008 Scope Notes Reader Poll are in. In some categories there were clear winners, in others (ahem, fiction picture book) the picture may have only become more cloudy. Possibly a sign of what’s to come when the big awards start getting passed out next month? […]

Last Chance! Vote in the 2008 Scope Notes Reader Poll


Did you like a children’s book this year? Well then, you’re in the right place. I just so happen to be conductin’ a poll to decide the best children’s books of the year. But time is running out. Be sure to cast you vote before midnight tonight to make your voice heard. Three categories to […]

2008 Children's Lit: The Year in Miscellanea


It’s time to take a trip back and look at the year that was in children’s lit miscellanea. Most Unexpected Find Underneath a Book Jacket: The Calder Game by Blue Balliett. Most jackets cover boring old plain-looking books. The Calder Game jacket was really hiding something: Biggest Material Trend: Matte finish with glossy elements (a la […]

Controversy Report: Cover Look-Alike


In my quest to bring you equal doses of serious children’s lit discussion and absurd nonsense, I pose this question (conjured from the latter of those two camps): Can I get in one last cover look-alike before aught eight is over? One more and that’s it, you say? Yes! Alright, here it is: Bird Lake […]

PDFs & eBooks: The Future of Reviewing?


I’m part of the Cybils (Children’s & Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Award) fiction picture book committee this year, and have been receiving review copies of nominated books for the last few weeks. I was interested to see that some publishers have sent downloadable PDF files instead of a physical copy of the book. It got […]