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7 Questions Answered!


Time to answer some questions. Literate Lives blog has tagged me for the 7 Questions meme. Here’s the lowdown: 1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. 2. Each player answers the questions about themselves. 3. At the end of the post, the player then tags people and posts their names, then […]

Book Giveaway Winner!


Congrats to Karin A., a fine Minnesotan, who will soon be the proud enjoyer of “Chasing Tail Lights”. Thanks to all who entered but did not have lady luck on their side.

100 Scope Notes Book Giveaway, May '08


In the market for a new book? Like any of the titles below? Send me an email at before midnight on Saturday and your name will be written on a vintage fedora and tossed into a large ring. I will then blindfold myself and pick up a hat at random. If your name is […]

What's Sellin'? New York Times


Time again to look at the literary popularity contest also known as the New York Times bestseller list. Click here to view the complete lists. PICTURE BOOKS This Week Weeks On List 1 READ ALL ABOUT IT!, by Laura Bush and Jenna Bush. Illustrated by Denise Brunkus. (HarperCollins, $17.99.) A boy is surprised to discover […]

Unfortunate Covers (#1)


In my job as a school librarian, I occasionally run into books with unfortunate covers. By “unfortunate” I mean this: an otherwise solid book is saddled with cover art that does nothing for its kid appeal. You just know that no matter how hard you try to recommend it to a student, they’re gonna take […]

Audio Clip: Mo Willems Talks 'Elephant and Piggie'


Animator, author, illustrator, “Barack Obama of Children’s Lit”, and generally creative guy Mo Willems was recently interviewed on NPR discussing his easy-reader series “Elephant and Piggie”. Two new titles were just released: “I Love My New Toy!“, and “I Will Surprise My Friend!“. But is it an “easy reader” or “hard writer” series? Click the […]

Scaredy Squirrel on Your Television


Looks like Scaredy Squirrel will soon be making the gentle glide to the small screen. From Publishers Weekly: Kids Can Press has inked a deal with Nelvana Studios and Nelvana Entertainment to develop the character of Scaredy Squirrel, star of three picture books by Mélanie Watt, into a TV series. After mulling over the idea, […]

Book Review: Rabbit & Squirrel – A Tale of War & Peas


Rabbit & Squirrel: A Tale of War & Peas By Kara LaReau Illustrated by Scott Magoon Harcourt Children’s Books ISBN: 9780152063078 $16.00 Grades K-2 In Stores *Recommended* Judging someone before you know them is not a spry notion in children’s books. However, in “Rabbit & Squirrel” this well tread path is updated with fresh and […]

What's the Difference Between Me and You?


Why did “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” break the bank while “Golden Compass” underperformed in the U.S.? That’s the question Time magazine aims to answer as “Prince Caspian” hits theaters. Click the image below to read all about it.

Book Review: Giant Meatball


Giant Meatball By Robert Weinstock Harcourt Children’s Books ISBN: 9780152055950 $16.00 Grades K-2 In Stores Note to authors: if you’re looking for a way to make your upcoming children’s book appeal to kids who dig the absurd, make your main character a food. It worked for “Arnie the Doughnut“. Honestly – is there a more […]

Scanimation: Gettin' Love


Scanimation, the technology behind national children’s bestseller (and “Best New Book“) “Gallop!”, is getting some attention. Click the image below to head over to BuzzFeed and peruse their roundup of links on the topic. (click here for the 100 Scope Notes review of “Gallop”) Wanna see how it works? Take a look at the video […]

The Scoop: City of Ember Movie Trailer

City of Ember: dystopian children’s lit masterpiece? Agreed. Film masterpiece? We shall see. Take a look at the just-released trailer: [youtube=] Lina and Doon are a bit older than I imagined, and the mayor (Bill Murray) is a bit more slender, but all in all it don’t seem too shabby an effort.

The Independent Choice for Bestsellers


Independent bestsellers for May 15th, 2008: (Click the ABA logo to view a PDF file of all the lists) Not a whole lot of commotion here. “Wimpy Kid” trumps the competition once again. Things could get scary when the next installment in the series, “The Last Straw” comes out. Ah, spring. The end of winter, […]

Cover Controversy Continues


To declare a trend of similar children’s book covers a “controversy” is a stretch to say the least. But what the heck. The list of kid’s book covers featuring socks just continues to grow. Take a look at the newest addition: Switchin it up with the dots, but it still falls squarely into the socks […]

On an Award Tour with the CBC


The Children’s Book Council just announced the winners of the Children’s Choice Book Awards. From the press release: Children across the country voted for their favorite books, author, and illustrator at bookstores, school libraries, and at Close to 55,000 votes were received. There’s been a bit of discussion/confusion over how the finalists were actually […]