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2017 Books from Sibert Winners


Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve looked at 2017 books from winners of the . . . Caldecott Newbery Geisel Pura Belpre Coretta Scott King Printz Today I conclude the series with books from past Robert F. Sibert award winners and honorees. I stuck with books by past winners that might be eligible for […]

100 Scope Notes Burning Question of the Day (#1)

Burning Question

I have questions, you have the answers. Let’s solve some of children’s literature most vexing questions with the 100 Scope Notes Burning Question of the Day. Forget children’s literature, The Giving Tree is one of the most divisive works of literature, period. Search your feelings, then please answer the question below. My feelings about THE […]

One Star Review Guess Who? (#50)

One Star Review Guess Who

Today, on the occasion of the 50th One Star Review Guess Who post, I wanted to take a moment to share the reasons I do this. 1. It’s just funny sometimes. 2. It’s a good reminder to me that readers are not a monolith. While one reader might call a book a classic, another might […]

I Am Clearly An Interior Design Visionary

Books on Stairs

The other day, my wife showed me this picture from The Magnolia Journal, a magazine “containing inspiration for life and home”: Huh, looks like having huge piles of books on your stairs is cool now. That’s funny – BECAUSE I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS. You might remember this from my post The Top 10 Piles […]

2017 Books from Printz Winners

collage-2017-04-12 (1)

I’m feeling magnanimous today – why not throw a bone to the YA crowd? Is that even how you say it? Y.A.? Or is it pronounced like the word “yeah”? Do you put a “The” in front? “The Yeah”? I’m so confused on this YA thing. Since we’ve covered Newbery, Caldecott, Geisel, Coretta Scott King, […]

Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2016


Today from the American Library Association: (Click to enlarge) ALA also released a video: Every time the new Top Ten Most Challenged list comes out, I like to take a look at the previous year to see what books are new, what books have stayed, etc. Here’s the 2015 list. There are 3 books that […]

100 Scope Notes Investigative Report: The Foxes of 2017


And we thought we saw some foxes in 2016. My team of investigators have looked into the 2017 Fox Sitch¹ and hoo boy did they come up with some stuff. Is the fox the children’s literature animal of 2016 and 2017? Is there another that will knock it off the pedestal²? ¹Situation ²Bears? Allow me […]

Here’s How You Make a Book Spine Poem with Your Students/Patrons

Poetry 003

April is here. April is National Poetry Month. April is the time for book spine centos (see above). Give one a try. Or try it with your students/patrons. Here are my tips for creating a book spine cento: Check out the book spine poem gallery for inspiration. This is always a big help. Get to […]

2017 Books from Pura Belpré Winners


We covered Newbery. We talked Coretta Scott King. We looked into Geisel. We also did some digging in Caldecott. Below are all the books coming out in 2017 by past Pura Belpré Award winners (author and illustrator). Did I miss one? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Notes on March 2017


In March . . . . . . we had an author visit. It was the wonderful Aaron Zenz. I documented the day. . . . Triangle saw some stuff. That guy’s been through a lot. . . . we entered the Newbery/Caldecott wayback machine. All the way to a distant past known as . […]

First Look: President Trump Releases Self-Published Children’s Autobiography


Citing the rise of “fake publishing”, Donald Trump has just surprise-released a self-published autobiography for kids. Here’s the cover: “Nobody gets it right, okay? Nobody” said Trump when asked about other biographies about him for young readers. His book contains “all the facts”, according to Trump, including the total lack of any sort of failure […]

Three Thoughts on the Bestselling Children’s Books of 2016


Publishers Weekly recently released their list of the bestselling children’s books of 2016. Click here to have a look. A few thoughts came to mind when I gave them a once-over. 1. #1 Outsold #2. By a Lot. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child outsold the next book on the list, Double Down (Diary of […]

Morning Notes: 20 Variations Edition


BATTLING BOOKS The Battle of the Kids’ Books is raging over at School Library Journal. March: Book 3 seems to be the clear-cut favorite (deservedly so – that series is excellent), but I wouldn’t count out Some Writer! Click here for the latest. MORE MO Seems like every week lately I’m sharing a new Mo […]

2017 Books from Caldecott Winners

Caldecott 2017

We’ve talked Newbery. We’ve talked Geisel. We’ve talked Coretta Scott King. Time to talk Caldecott. Below are all the books coming out by Caldecott Medal or Honor winning illustrators in 2017. If I missed one, let me know in the comments. **EDITED TO ADD** The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse by Mac Barnett, illustrated […]

Books on Film: Watch the Captain Underpants Trailer


The Captain is coming to theaters on June 2nd and here’s the first trailer for the film. Seems like the spirit of the books is intact. Or, if you prefer, you can watch someone watching the trailer. Youtube is a strange place.