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Reviewing Notes: Children’s Literature Movie Generator

Film Adaptation Generator

Happy holidays! The blog will be back up and running on January 7. Until then, let’s take a look back at some of my favorite posts from the 100 Scope Notes archives. Create Your Own Children’s Book Movie Headline! I’m no math whiz, but lately it seems children’s books are being adapted for the silver […]

#Holdshelf Gallery This Way

holdshelf illustration

The monthly showing of books on hold (including the shelf from one of my schools) is up for all to see at Watch. Connect. Read. Click here to see the books kids are lining up to read.

Link Du Jour: The Biggest Books of BEA


I’ve never been to Book Expo America (BEA), but I’d like to go. In my opinion, any time billboards of kid’s books are involved, you have yourself one fine exposition. (Thanks to Abrams for the photo) It’s been fun reading the various dispatches from BEA, but my favorite is from Publishers Weekly and focuses on […]

Reader’s Advisory



This post is a test.

Video Clip: Sendak on Illustration

Is your favorite part of the DVD the special features? This video is for you. Children’s lit legend Maurice Sendak discusses illustration – is there a better authority? “All the great novels, I would not illustrate” [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CuIdeTI9Ro]

Little House in the Big New Yorker


Can’t say I’m well-versed in the Little House series. “But you’re a children’s librarian” you say? Yes, yes – well, we all have books on our “shelves of shame” (as the wonderful Bookends blog puts it). The New Yorker recently did a piece on Laura Wilder and her daughter Rose, who worked together in creating […]