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Books on Film: Why Is Mo Willems In Paris?

Mo Willems CBS Sunday Morning

What is Mo Willems (a.k.a. the Bill Murray of Children’s Literature) doing in Paris? Thinking deep thoughts, of course.

Books on Film: The Longest Comic Strip Ever

LP Today

Big Nate creator Lincoln Peirce was on the Today show recently to, you know, just collect a Guinness plaque for assembling the world’s longest comic strip. I say assembled because he had some help – kids from around the country. Tune in, if for no other reason than to hear him utter the following genius [...]

Books on Film: Claymation Wild Things

Wild Things Claymation

Have you ever searched “Where the Wild Things Are” on YouTube? All kinds of unusual stuff. This one stuck with me – a claymation version of the children’s classic. Be sure to stick around for the wild rumpus.

Books on Film: The Giver is Coming to the Big Screen

Books On Film Banner

Books on Film: John Green on Making Things

Books On Film Banner

While John Green writes books that are for an older audience than I typically cover, I’m fascinated by the guy like everyone else. I came across this video yesterday that only adds to my appreciation. Mr. Green gives a talk at his alma mater on making things that is entirely worth your time.

Books on Film: Making ‘The Calls’

Books On Film Banner

Interested in seeing some of our greatest living authors and illustrators at a loss for words? The American Library Association just posted video of the Caldecott, Newbery, Coretta Scott King committees notifying their winners. An exciting morning of waking people up to tell them something cool.

Books on Film: There’s Waldo

Books On Film Banner

First reaction: “How cool!” Second reaction: “This is terrible!” Slate has figured out a foolproof strategy for finding Waldo. Let’s just keep this between us, okay? I’d hate for this information to fall into the hands of young readers. (Thanks to Jim Averbeck for the link) If you can’t see the embedded video, click here [...]

Books on Film: The BBC Talks Diversity in Children’s Books

BBC Video

Spurred by recent findings by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, the topic of diversity (or rather, lack thereof) in children’s books has been receiving a lot of attention lately. The BBC has picked up on the topic and recently ran this story.

Books on Film: The Dominoes Continue to Fall

New Zeeland Dominoes

Boy, do I like my book dominoes. I like them small, I like them big, I like them created by book stores. And now I like them from New Zealand, where the latest bit of book domino creativity hails. Extra points for: Beginning the video with a book going into the return. The orchestral soundtrack. [...]

Books on Film: Conservative Children’s Lit with Stephen Colbert

Colbert Rush

You’ve heard about the Rush Limbaugh children’s book, right? Whether democrat or republican, I think we all can agree to quietly drop our heads into our hands and begin shaking¹. Stephen Colbert recently used Limbaugh’s book as an opportunity to look at some other conservative children’s lit (and also get in on the action himself). [...]

Books on Film: 117 Year Old Pop Up Books


A while back I posted some videos of vintage pop up books from the blog. The collection is a rare and unusual book lovers paradise of early pop up and lift the flap books. Now the library has been updated, including the relatively new – Star Wars, Star Trek, and Superman pop ups, and [...]

Books on Film: Book Domino Record Broken!

Cape Town Dominos

A few months back a video of the Seattle Public Library’s record-breaking book domino made the rounds. It was incredible: Well, now the Central Library in Cape Town, South Africa has bested Seattle’s record. As evidenced by the video below. I sincerely hope this book domino arms race continues. (Thanks to Book Patrol for the [...]

Books on Film: In the Studio with Emily Gravett

Emily Gravett

Everyone, hold up your coffees. I’d like to propose a toast. Here’s to good ideas! Now go ahead and drink all the rest of your coffee in one gulp (Warning: 100 Scope Notes is not responsible for any resulting scalding). This year all the finalists for the Kate Greenaway and Carnegie medals (the prestigious English [...]

Books on Film: A Brief History of Books for Children

Children's Lit History

If you like your children’s lit history lessons in four minute installments, this video’s for you. Michael Slicker of Lighthouse Books provides a quickie history of the origins of children’s lit, in the process shouting out Randolph Caldecott, Lewis Carroll, and Kate Greenaway. And I have two words for you: linen books.

Books on Film: Maurice Sendak on Childhood

Sendak on Being a Kid

How do you prevent being eaten whole by a monster? PBS has a video series called Blank on Blank with a mission to “curate and transform journalists’ unheard interviews with icons, bringing them to life on radio, mobile apps, YouTube, and beyond.” They recently gave the video treatment to a 2009 Newsweek interview with Maurice [...]