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Author Visit: Leslie Helakoski

Ah, the trickiness of working at four schools. Last week, one of the schools that I work at had the pleasure of hosting a visit by Leslie Helakoski, author of the recently released “Big Chickens Fly the Coop” (read the 100 Scope Notes review) and “Woolbur”. The tricky part? I was working with students at […]

5 Questions With Leslie Helakoski

I’m thrilled to have the first 100 Scope Notes author interview with Leslie Helakoski, author of “Big Chickens” and “The Smushy Bus”. It’s been a busy January for Ms. Helakoski, as she will have two new books published this month, “Big Chickens Fly the Coop” and “Woolbur”. I caught up with Ms. Helakoski (before her […]

Author Visit: PaleoJoe

How can you not love an author visit? You get to hear all the behind the scenes tidbits about how books are created, all while indulging in the intoxicating atmosphere that a brush with minor celebrity provides. Last week, my school was visited by PaleoJoe, author of the Dinosaur Detective Club series from the good […]