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Dude, I Fixed Ur Red Riding Hood Display


I thought I was all smart with my Little Red and Triangle placement in the library the other day. But I’m no match for the creative genius Hilary Leung. He commented on my Instagram post with an even better idea. Flip Triangle and see what happens. So I flipped it. The result? Little Red now […]

A Conversation with Shel Silverstein

Shel Brood

Hey, Shel! I know you’re busy brooding and now might not be the best time to talk, but I have something I want to tell you. Come on, Shel! Have a seat on the deck and let’s chat. You love the deck! Thanks, Shel. Feel free to grab a chair, by the way. Let’s talk. Now, […]

The Children’s Book That Predicted the Fidget Craze

Good for Nothing

I appears we have a children’s lit Rasputin on our hands, folks. Her name? Charise Mericle Harper (CMH) If you work in a school (or have recently been within shouting distance of a child) you know that “fidgets” are a hot fad. They are the slap bracelet of the twenty teens. Maybe you’ve seen a […]

I’m Not Even Joking: A FUNNY GIRL Giveaway

Funny Girl

A few years back fellow blogger and book-themed silent film partner Betsy Bird had a vision for a book. It shall be funny. It shall be female. Mission accomplished on both fronts (notice my tiny comment): It is funny. It is female (boasting a formidable list of talented contributors). It is on the receiving end […]

#Holdshelf: May 2017

Hold Shelf

Been a little while since I shared the books on hold at my K-4 school library. How about we have a look and discuss? #holdshelf — Travis Jonker (@100scopenotes) May 3, 2017 Some notes about a couple of the books: Who Was Harry Houdini? Kids at my school really like the Who Was? series, […]

Hugo Cabret Tries FaceApp

Hugo Original

Oh, great – Hugo got a hold of my iPhone and went to town on FaceApp. He tried all the filters . . . Old: Young: Smiling: and Female: HUGO!!!!!!!!!

Notes on April 2017

Notes on April 2017

In April . . . . . . I learned I can see the future of interior design.  And maybe you can too? I have the pictures to prove it. . . . I tried to trick you. Good ol’ April Fools. . . . we checked out new books from past award winners. there […]

Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day!

Lincoln Poem

Today, April 27th, 2017 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. Here’s my poem (from the book Presidential Misadventures by Bob Raczka, illustrated by Dan E. Burr) For further celebration, the song Poem in Your Pocket by Emily Arrow is a must-listen:

The State of Photographic Illustration in 2017


Does photographic illustration get its due? Not from Caldecott. Well, it gets it from me! I am always fascinated to see how the medium is used in works of fiction. Here are all the 2017 examples I could find of photography in fiction picture books. If you have another one, let’s hear it in the […]

ANSWERED: Burning Question of the Day (#1)

The Giving Tree

Last week I asked an important question. Today, we have the results: Whew, glad that’s been settled forever. Thank you to everyone who voted.

2017 Books from Sibert Winners


Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve looked at 2017 books from winners of the . . . Caldecott Newbery Geisel Pura Belpre Coretta Scott King Printz Today I conclude the series with books from past Robert F. Sibert award winners and honorees. I stuck with books by past winners that might be eligible for […]

I Am Clearly An Interior Design Visionary

Books on Stairs

The other day, my wife showed me this picture from The Magnolia Journal, a magazine “containing inspiration for life and home”: Huh, looks like having huge piles of books on your stairs is cool now. That’s funny – BECAUSE I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS. You might remember this from my post The Top 10 Piles […]

2017 Books from Printz Winners

collage-2017-04-12 (1)

I’m feeling magnanimous today – why not throw a bone to the YA crowd? Is that even how you say it? Y.A.? Or is it pronounced like the word “yeah”? Do you put a “The” in front? “The Yeah”? I’m so confused on this YA thing. Since we’ve covered Newbery, Caldecott, Geisel, Coretta Scott King, […]

Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2016


Today from the American Library Association: (Click to enlarge) ALA also released a video: Every time the new Top Ten Most Challenged list comes out, I like to take a look at the previous year to see what books are new, what books have stayed, etc. Here’s the 2015 list. There are 3 books that […]

100 Scope Notes Investigative Report: The Foxes of 2017


And we thought we saw some foxes in 2016. My team of investigators have looked into the 2017 Fox Sitch¹ and hoo boy did they come up with some stuff. Is the fox the children’s literature animal of 2016 and 2017? Is there another that will knock it off the pedestal²? ¹Situation ²Bears? Allow me […]