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The Poop Report

I was talking with a children’s book editor a while back and somehow we got on the topic of poop. Specifically, how there seems to be a lot of scatological humor in books published outside the U.S. Based on my anecdotal evidence, the U.S. is trying to play catch up. Below are poo-centric titles publishing […]

The Book Equivalent of Flipping a Turtle on Its Back

Here’s a simple, three step process for confusing a kid. 1. Take a picture book. 2. Lift the jacket up until it looks like this: 3. Hand to a student and ask them to fix it. Actually, don’t do that. It’s too cruel. But if you’ve worked in a library I bet you’ve had students […]

Eating Subway with Shel Silverstein

Previously . . . I Asked Shel Silverstein About the Meaning of Life A Conversation with Shel Silverstein Hey, Shel – I know you’re busy brooding right now, but I have an idea that might perk you up. Want to get Subway for lunch? I knew that would get you excited. So what do you […]

Our 2020 Mock Caldecott Program

Soon it will be November. Around these parts of the school library world, November means Mock Caldecott.

If I Could Enter Any Culinary Universe Through a Book . . .

I can’t say it would be this one.

Happy Anniversary to THE VERY LAST CASTLE (+ a Giveaway)

One year ago today, The Very Last Castle was published. To celebrate, I’m giving away five copies and sharing a comic about how the story was written.

We Publish Caldecott Winners: 2019

My goal for this post is simple: determine which publisher has put out the most Caldecott Medal/Honor winners over the last 20 years. But once we start crunching the numbers, things get a little tricky. Because mergers. For example, Roaring Brook Press didn’t used to be an imprint of Macmillan. Now it is. So I […]

An Interview with Jeff Kinney and an EXCLUSIVE Excerpt of Diary of a Wimpy Kid #14

The book doesn’t come out until November 5th, but today we have an exclusive excerpt for you.

Strange Bookmarks: An Overview

Bookmarks have been taking over the internet this month. Here’s an overview.

Notes on September 2019

In September . . . . . . I tried to predict the 2019 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books list. It’s a list that’s even harder to predict than Caldecott, but I still gave it a shot. . . . I chose 10 fall books I’m excited about. After surveying the fall landscape, […]

Update: The NYT Best Illustrated/Caldecott Overlap

How many New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books go on to win Caldecott? I investigate.

Predictions! NYT Best Illustrated Children’s Books 2019

Here’s how it usually goes when I try to predict the 10 titles that will be named New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s books. I begin with maybe one or two books that seem likely. Then I survey the landscape and realize there are a ton of books that could end up on the list. […]

A Heads Up: March Book Madness is Coming . . .

Every year I gather a group of teachers together to decide how we will celebrate March is Reading Month. You know, extra-celebrate reading (since celebrating reading is sort of the all-year gig as a librarian). We usually have an author visit, a family reading night at the school, and other activities. But sometimes those activities […]

Notes on August 2019

In August . . . . . . we looked at the most unconventional books of the year. It’s always one of my favorite posts to put together. . . . I found paint colors based on famous picture books. And I challenged you to name the book by color palette alone. . . . […]

Under a Rock Alert: Dan Santat Books/Plush Characters at Kohls

There are two reasons you haven’t visited a Kohl’s to pick up Dan Santat’s books and plush characters: Your current residence is under a rock. You know about them and have been meaning to get them, but you just needed a reminder that they exist. And I guess there’s a 3. You don’t live near […]