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2019 Children’s Lit: The Year in Miscellanea

It’s time to take a look back at the year that was in children’s lit miscellanea.

The 2019 Bookish Charitable Giving Guide

It’s Giving Tuesday. Here are some of the literacy-focused organizations doing good work. Pitch in a few bucks to support them.

2019 Librarian Lump of Coal Gift Guide

Time is running out to get a gift for the insufferable librarian in your life. With help from Etsy, the 2019 edition of the Librarian Lump of Coal Gift Guide has your back.

Notes on November 2019

Looking back at my favorite posts from the month that was . . .

The 2019 Thank You Post

Wait, wait – before you get into that green bean casserole – I have something to say. Thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing the things I write here. I appreciate it. Okay, carry on.

Matthew Cordell and Sophie Blackall: A Caldecott Conversation

Today we have something special. Our past two Caldecott Medal winners, interviewing each other about their lives, work, and how the most prestigious award in picture books has changed their lives.

2009 vs. 2019

This year marks the end of the 2010s. On social media, a lot of people are sharing pictures of themselves from 2009 and 2019 to mark the passing of time. I even did it. So why not do a children’s literature version? Seems about right.

100 Scope Notes Turns 12

Twelve years ago this week, I started 100 Scope Notes. In 2007 there was a growing online children’s literature community and I wanted to join in the fun. Since then I’ve published almost 3000 posts, going from a WordPress.com blog, to a self-hosted blog, to our current location – hosted by School Library Journal. Writing […]

Update: The National Book Award/Newbery Overlap

How many National Book Award finalists (Young People’s Literature) go on to win Newbery Medals or Honors? It’s less than you might expect.

What Are the Chances You’ll Win Another Caldecott?

A while back, I learned that a surprisingly high number of Newbery Medal/Honor winners win multiple times during their career. But what about Caldecott? Last year around this time, I wondered if we would ever have another repeat Caldecott Medal winner. That question was answered pretty quickly.  So I dug through the data (and might […]

How’s the Weather Up Here?

Nice. Veerrrrrrrrry nice. Previously: I Have Arrived. Aaaand I Left Again.

Notes on October 2019

My favorite posts from this past month.

‘Let’s Play Two!’ Newbery Winner Sequels

The recent announcement of The One and Only Bob has me thinking – how many Newbery Medal winners have sequels (and/or prequels)?

Your Fall 2020 Newbery/Caldecott “Hey, Keep an Eye Out” Lists

From time to time, I like to see what’s happening on the Mock Newbery and Caldecott lists over on Goodreads. What with Heavy Medal and Calling Caldecott in full swing, ’tis the season, right? Are these lists in any way official? Nope. Just interested readers voting for the books they think might take home the […]

The Poop Report

I was talking with a children’s book editor a while back and somehow we got on the topic of poop. Specifically, how there seems to be a lot of scatological humor in books published outside the U.S. Based on my anecdotal evidence, the U.S. is trying to play catch up. Below are poo-centric titles publishing […]