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Notes on November 2017

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It’s time to take a look at three of my favorite posts of the past month. In November . . . . . . we went down the parody picture book rabbit hole. There’s some interesting stuff down there. . . . we reviewed approved and unapproved ways to carry a book. Try them all! […]

The Ultimate Children’s Literature Illustrator Gift Guide 2017


What are you going to give, a Coleggtible? Come on. Give art. Recently updated and expanded for the 2017 gift-giving season, here is my collection of children’s literature illustrator shops on the world wide web. This isn’t a comprehensive list – let me hear about what I missed in the comments. (Many thanks to Debbie Ridpath […]

Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#5)


I used this website to (virtually) create 3 LEGO book covers. They’re listed from least challenging to most challenging – see how many you can name. #1: Answer #2: Answer #3: Answer How’d you do? Previously . . . Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#1) Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#2) Name That LEGO Book Cover! (#3) […]

Everlasting Meme: Willy Wonka’s Greatest Hits


Presented without comment or shame.

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10 to Note: Winter Preview 2018

Winter Preview

After scouring publisher catalogs while hopped up on LaCroix and trail mix, I am here with ten books coming in December, January, and February that I am looking forward to. To which I am looking forward? That to forward am I looking? Whatever grammar rules I am flaunting, don’t let that distract from the books. […]

Books on Film: Random Thoughts on the ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Trailer

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Selected excerpts from my internal monologue while watching this trailer: They found a great Meg. That looks like one Grade A tessering scene. Oprah! The scene with all the kids outside of their houses bouncing balls at the same time is exactly how I pictured it. Galafanakis? Eurithmics soundtrack. Huh. I’d see this. What do […]

The Winners of Our 2018 Mock Caldecott Are . . .

Mock Caldecott 2018

The 2018 Mock Caldecott unit is all wrapped up at my K-4 elementary school. Click here to see our process and books. Here are the books that came out on top. 2018 Mock Caldecott Honor: 2018 Mock Caldecott Honor: 2018 Mock Caldecott Medal:

An Incomplete List of Approved and Unapproved Ways to Carry a Book

Carry a Book FINAL


MAME 2017

It’s an honor to present some of my favorite books of 2017 at the Michigan Association of Media in Education (MAME) annual conference today. Click here for the book list. Click here for the slide show.

One Star Review Guess Who? (#62)

One Star Review Guess Who

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? a good book actually, i just didnt like the name. Click here for the answer. Why do I share these? Click here. Previously . . . One Star Review Guess Who (#1) One Star Review Guess Who (#2) One […]

Books on Film: The Picture Book Animated

Weston Woods

How were classic picture books like Where the Wild Things Are and Harold and the Purple Crayon turned into animated films? Painstakingly, as this throwback video from Weston Woods shows us.

Come With Me (Again) Down the Picture Book Parody Rabbit Hole

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It’s been a while since we last plumbed the depths of Amazon for children’s literature parody books. Time to go back in . . . If You Give a Man a Cookie by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Brian Ajhar. Thanks to Chris Barton who tipped me off to this one (see his comment below). This […]

The November Newsletter is Up!


On Friday I sent out the November installment of FROM THE DESK OF 100 SCOPE NOTES. You can see it here. Interested in having future newsletters sent directly to your inbox? Click here to sign up.

10 Years of Scope Notes: The 5 Most Ridiculous Posts of All Time

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November 9th (today!) marks the 10th anniversary of 100 Scope Notes. Seems like a good time to take a look back, a look forward, and reflect on how the heck this thing is still going. Previously . . . 10 Years of Scope Notes: Reader Poll Results 10 Years of Scope Notes: Origin Story 10 […]