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A 2018 Newbery/Caldecott Check-In

Occasionally, I like to take a peek over at the Goodreads Mock Newbery and Caldecott lists to see what books are getting love.

While the list is open to voting by any Goodreads user, they’re often fairly accurate. For example, three of the four books that won Newbery last year were near the top of the Goodreads list. And while last year’s Mock Caldecott list wasn’t quite as accurate, it did have two of the five Caldecott books near the top).

Add these to your diet along with the Fuse #8 predictions for a balanced Newbery/Caldecott breakfast.

2018 Mock Newbery

Goodreads Newbery 2018 1

Goodreads Newbery 2018 2

2018 Mock Caldecott

Goodreads Caldecott 2018 1

Goodreads Caldecott 2018 2

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