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Exclusive Book Trailer Premiere: WHERE OLIVER FITS by Cale Atkinson

Where Oliver Fits

Do you know about Cale Atkinson? Maybe you’ve read some of his books?

He has a new one coming September 5th called Where Oliver Fits. Today we have a first look at the trailer for the book.

A book which had a very cool puzzle cover reveal a few months back:

But before we see the trailer, I asked Cale to explain how the book came to be.

Cale Atkinson: Where Oliver Fits began as a feeling which I’ve had, off and on, for my entire life. That feeling which essentially translates to the question of ‘where do I fit?’

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Being on the shy introverted side growing up, I tended to watch things from the sidelines more than not. I was never secluded or unwanted, but at the same time I also never truly fit in with any clique or crowd, always slightly aloof. I have always been an observer and found it interesting seeing everyone scattering towards the different social groups. There were some who longed to fit with a ‘cool’ or popular crowd, some happily found like-minds, and others whom always seemed on the outset, searching for that fit.

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In many ways that same aloof quandary has moved into my professional life. Since I have worked in several different fields, jumping from animation to comics, to games to books, I once again don’t ‘fit’ with any one specific group or community.

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I think the search for our fit is something we carry throughout our lives. Wanting to feel like we are seen, loved and accepted. There are some of us that find it early on and others who spend their lives searching.

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A couple years back, as I was walking home, I looked at everyone going this way and that. I couldn’t help but think how we’re all sort of like a big box of dumped out puzzle pieces, each running around, yearning to find our fit. And so the idea of Where Oliver Fits was born.

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Where Oliver Fits is about one small puzzle piece name Oliver on the search for his fit. He dreams of being a part of exciting puzzles, but soon finds out that it may not be as easy as he first hoped. One group of pieces don’t like Oliver’s shape, another aren’t fans of his colours. It quickly becomes apparent to Oliver, that maybe he needs to change himself in order to fit with these snazzy pieces. Doing anything and everything he can think of, Oliver cuts, tapes, and glues to try becoming the piece others want. He may find a way to finally fit where he dreamed, but if he’s not himself anymore, is it really the right fit?

For the Where Oliver Fits book trailer I thought it would be fun to explore the idea of Oliver and a bunch of puzzle pieces running around my desk as the premise. There was a good amount of time where I originally planned on illustrated the book as if it were taking place on a table or desk. Setting the story up as if a box of puzzle pieces just got emptied onto the surface and now rush to find their place. Creating the trailer with actual photos of my desk was a fun way of incorporating this idea. I also always love trying something new creatively, so merging the photos with Oliver/animation was a great new challenge to attempt.

Thanks so much for sharing my trailer for Where Oliver Fits!
I really hope you guys enjoy it and can’t wait to hear what you think of little Oliver.

And now, a first look at the trailer for Where Oliver Fits by Cale Atkinson:

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  1. That Oliver is adorable!!! What a wonderful trailer, Cale!