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Morning Notes: A Grown-Up Wrote It Edition


 NO GOOD VERY BAD BOOK In the New York Times, cartoonist Grant Snider brings us The Very Bad Picture Book. Click here to read. THE SPORTIEST OF SPORTY I haven’t mentioned one of these lists in a while, but Booklist keeps on releasing Top 10 lists to keep an eye on, like this one: the […]

2015 Preview Interview: Enchanted Lion Books


I’ve been doing Preview Interviews for a while now, but one thing I’ve never done is conducted one over the telephone. This phoneless streak cannot not stand, I say! So a couple weeks back, I called publisher Claudia Zoe Bedrick to chat about the fall/winter releases from Enchanted Lion Books, purveyor of some of the […]

Newbery Encased in Marble


Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. – Michelangelo Among the people who follow the Youth Media Awards awards closely (and specifically the two oldest awards, The Newbery and Caldecott), I think there are two extremes. On one end are those who […]

Instagramming an Author Visit (Part 2): Katherine Applegate

KA Sign

The nice thing about our school sign is that both sides have an announcement spot. This week, we needed it. On the opposite side, we welcomed Linda Urban, who visited on Tuesday (I talked about that visit here). On Wednesday Katherine Applegate stopped by. We did our best to make her feel welcome. One of […]

Instagramming an Author Visit (Part 1): Linda Urban


It’s been a busy week around here. By a fortuitous stroke of luck, this week our school hosted two authors in two days. Linda Urban came Tuesday. She’s on a tour for her brand-new book, Milo Speck, Accidental Agent: It goes without saying (yet I’m saying it, what’s my problem?) that author visits go best […]

Morning Notes: Baton-Twirling Edition


BACK ON THE BUS The Number Five Bus Presents…, one of the coolest children’s lit interview projects ever is up and running for Season Two. First up, Matthew Cordell and David Ezra Stein. Click here to read. THE PRICE IS RIGHT FOR BOOKS Over at Bookends, Cindy details a thrift store find that ended up […]

Review Imelda & the Goblin King by Briony May Smith


Imelda & the Goblin King By Briony May Smith Flying Eye Books ISBN: 9781909263659 $17.95 Grades PreK-2 Out October 20, 2015 Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library There has maybe never been a time in human history when we are more focused on “new”. I’m guilty of it. It seems like with all […]

10 to Note: Fall Preview 2015

Fall Preview

*Sniff* *Sniff* You smell that? It’s the aroma of pumpkin spice. Whenever that scent hits my nostrils, I know that it’s time. Time to look at fall books. Here are the titles coming out in September, October, and November that I have my eye – nay, nose – on. Picture Books Robo-Sauce by Adam Rubin, illustrated […]

I Am Not An Artist: The Biggest (And Oldest) Knock on the Caldecott

Why Cats Paint

Calling Caldecott, the Horn Book-housed blog all about the most prestigious award in picture books, is back up and running (click here to visit). Over the coming months they’ll examine a bunch of books that are knocking collective socks off. It reminded me of a conversation I had with an illustrator at the most recent […]

Gallery: The 2015 National Book Awards Longlist: Young People’s Literature

2015 NBA

The longlist for the 2015 National Book Awards: Young People’s Literature was just announced. Here are the books:

Nonfiction Monday: Women Who Broke the Rules: Mary Todd Lincoln


Women Who Broke the Rules: Mary Todd Lincoln By Kathleen Krull Illustrated by Elizabeth Baddeley Bloomsbury ISBN: 9780802738240 $16.99 Grades 2-5 Out December 1, 2015 Find it at: Schuler Books | Your Library Reanimating the dead is often more difficult than creating them out of thin air. Good biography brings life and makes the subject feel […]

Throwback Thursday: Children’s Literature Edition


It’s Throwback Thursday (#tbt), the day when children’s book characters remember the good old days by posting a picture on social media. Times have changed… Papa Berenstain Bear just posted this: Little Critter also got in on the fun: And Arthur has been all over social media lately (amid rumors of plastic surgery): (Images: The Big Honey […]

Come With Me Down the Picture Book Parody Rabbit Hole


Only recently I’ve become privy to an entirely new world of children’s literature. The world of picture book parodies. Perhaps like you, I had been familiar some with the more mainstream parodies, like… Frankenstein Goodnight Goon …but there’s more. Way more. And some of them get pretty out there. So let’s have a look. Don’t […]

My 2015-16 School Year Goal

School Year Goal

It’s the first day for most schools here in Michigan. My goal? Make a positive connection with every student. I do my best to do this every year, but I figured it aught to be my  focus. What’s your 2015-16 School Year Goal?

Notes on August 2015

Notes on August 2015

In August… …I tried to predict the 2015 New York Times Best Illustrated Books list. Some of these have to make the cut, right? …we waited. Patience has become something of a 2015 theme. I made a cartoon to illustrate it. …I attempted to read the best selling book on Amazon. It didn’t go well.