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The Yarn: Where Things Stand and a Call for Ideas

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  The Yarn on Kickstarter: Listen to The Yarn, Season 1:

Morning Notes: Ferk Finkular Edition

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AND THE WINNER IS… A new School Librarian of the Year has been crowned. Who is it? The School Library Journal announcement is here. GET JUDGING The Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards are celebrating a decade in biz. If you want to be a part of the book awarding fun, they just put […]

GOODNIGHT, SOON: The (Questionable) Ethics of a Bestselling Bedtime Book


Thus begins The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, currently the bestselling book on Amazon: That’s right – the bestselling of all the books. It was also the lead story in Children’s Bookshelf from Publishers Weekly yesterday. The subtitle for the book is A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep. That new way, apparently, is hypnosis. […]

Roll Credits: Episode 8 of The Yarn – Jennifer Holm (Plus Our Secret Sponsor Revealed)

The Yarn

What is The Yarn? S1 E8 – Jennifer Holm This is it, folks – the final episode of Season 1 of The Yarn. Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm go in-depth on Sunny Side Up, a book that hit close to home for the author and illustrator. There’s one person who deserves a special mention here. The person […]

The Yarn: Episode 7 – Matthew Holm (Plus Thumbnails from Sunny Side Up)

The Yarn

What is The Yarn? S1 E7 – Matthew Holm What went into illustrating Sunny Side Up? Matthew Holm interviews himself to find out. In the post for Episode 5, I shared some of Matthew Holm’s thumbnail sketches from the first chapter of Sunny Side Up. Today we have the rest of the first chapter. (Click images […]

The Yarn: Episode 6 – Lark Pien

The Yarn

What is The Yarn? S1 E6 – Lark Pien Lark Pien is a comics creator (Long Tail Kitty) and colorist (Boxers & Saints, Sunny Side Up). I talked to her about walking away from a job in architecture to persue her passion for comics. My favorite part of the interview is at the 10:44 mark, when […]

The Yarn: Episode 5 – David Saylor (Plus Behind-the-Scenes Sketches of Sunny Side Up)

The Yarn

What is The Yarn? S1 E5 – David Saylor Over a decade ago art director David Saylor had a good idea  – to create a comics-focused imprint called Graphix. The first Graphix book was Bone #1: Out from Boneville by Jeff Smith. A pretty good start. We talked to David about how he got into comics, the decision […]

The Yarn: Episode 4 – Phil Falco (Plus How The Yarn Logo Was Made)

The Yarn

What is The Yarn? S1 E4 – Phil Falco Phil Falco is an art director and cover designer for Scholastic. You may not know his name, but if you’ve ever seen the books Smile, Amulet, or Tales from Outer Suburbia (and many others), you know his work. We talked to Phil about all kinds of cover-related […]

The Yarn: Episode 3 – David Levithan

The Yarn

What is The Yarn? S1 E3 – David Levithan David Levithan is probably best known as a New York Times bestselling YA author. By day, he works with other writers’ words. We talked to David about how he juggles editing books and writing his own. I love when David starts talking about bias in children’s books. […]

The Yarn: Episode 2 – Raina Telgemeier

The Yarn

What is The Yarn? S1 E2 – Raina Telgemeier We talked to the creator of Smile, Drama, and Sisters about growing up, getting into comics, and what it feels like to be the face of graphic novel memoir for kids. This was the first interview we did for The Yarn, but we almost didn’t make […]

My Lunch Secrets Will Change Your Life…

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If you are interested in… …learning my secrets for a successful lunch… …finding out a new children’s lit-related game to pass the time during a long car ride… …learning about the secret project I have planned with Colby Sharp… …then you must listen to the latest episode of the Let’s Get Busy Podcast. Colby Sharp […]

We Made a Show: The Yarn

The Yarn

Colby Sharp and I are trying something new. We aren’t, as I hinted at online, opening a used car lot. We’re making a show you can listen to. It’s called The Yarn. Part interviews, part documentary, our concept for Season 1 is to look at one book from all angles. You usually hear from the author […]

My Article in the Latest SLJ

Nerd Balloons

I wrote about nErDcampMI in the latest issue of School Library Journal. Click the image below to read it.  

Book Title Toons: It Ain’t Easy

It Ain't Easy


Books on Film: The Marvels by Brian Selznick


I don’t run many book trailers here, but when I see one that stands out, I make an exception. The trailer for The Marvels by Brian Selznick is definitely an exception – for my money one of the best I’ve seen. And over at Speakeasy, you can see how Selznick made it.