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REPORT: Library Books ‘Our Nation’s Largest Health Hazard’

(Note: This is an April Fools’ joke)


via ChildLitZoom:

The U.S. Wellness Department is about to release a study that might signal the end of libraries as we know them.

Libraries around the country are girding themselves for a true “Battle of the Books” as the study is reported to recommend ending all forms of book lending by the year 2019. The study reportedly cites public health as the driving force behind this recommendation, allegedly calling circulating library books one of “our nation’s largest health hazards” in regard to spreading illness.

Reaction from the library community has been a mix of shock, confusion, and outrage:

*Update* The study has been released. Click here to read it.

(Image: ‘Iconos para biblioteca‘ http://www.flickr.com/photos/45745303@N00/4154519421 Found on flickrcc.net)

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  1. Kim Piddington says:

    You got me????

  2. Wait… What day is it?

  3. Travis Jonker says:

    April Fools’

  4. Gwendolyn Arp says:

    Just saying…This is how the measles vaccine became blamed for Autism…a ran unsubstantiated rumor that people read in a headline, believed and did not do anything but pass the headline along.