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Review: Wild About Shapes by Jeremie Fischer

Wild About Shapes
By Jérémie Fischer

Flying Eye Books (Nobrow)

ISBN: 9781909263383
Grades PreK and Up
Out March 17, 2015

Find it at:
Powell’s Books | Your Library

The element of surprise is powerful indeed. Often when a reader opens a book, they have a general sense of what to expect. But once in a while, a book comes along that surprises. Wild About Shapes is that kind of book. Visually inventive, this is a book that will delight anyone who opens it up.

Here we have a classic case of “see it to understand it”. Between paper pages covered in amorphous pink, yellow, and blue shapes are acetate inserts printed with similarly colorful blobs. With the turn of an acetate page, the chaos comes into order – an animal is revealed. Basic text promts the reader (“Quick! Look over there…”), or gives a clue about the animal to be discovered (“Certain animals carry their homes on their backs,”). An array of creatures turn up – insects, birds, mammals, and fish all join in the fun.

While the text doesn’t add a whole lot to the experience, it doesn’t take away either. The focus is clearly on the artwork. Many readers will likely pore over the illustrations again and again, trying to figure out how the magic happens. After each animal is revealed, it shows up again on the following spread, a nice touch that ties the loose narrative together in a visual way.

Wildly creative and clever, put Wild About Shapes this in the hands of your Press Here fans. Or anyone, really – they all will be happy you did.

Review copy from the publisher

Jeremie Fischer talks about his process at the Nobrow website

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