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Books on Film: The Obama Family Reads “Amos McGee”

Amos had some good friends. They were looking out for him.

- Barack Obama

Picture books spotted in the wild! The first family sat down at the annual White House Easter Egg Hunt for a bit of story time. Sasha and Malia read 2011 Caldecott winner A Sick Day for Amos McGee, and the president follows up with an old favorite of his (as you can see in this post from 2009), Where the Wild Things Are.

(Thanks to Publishers Weekly for the link)

About Travis Jonker

Travis Jonker is an elementary school librarian in Michigan. He writes reviews (and the occasional article or two) for School Library Journal and is a member of the 2014 Caldecott committee. You can email Travis at, or follow him on Twitter: @100scopenotes.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Here’s a quote about John D. Macdonald that I often see bouncing around the web (I hesitate to quote from Wikipeida, which we all know is generally stuff we can wipe our asses with, but this seems legit). “Macdonald is by any standards a better writer than Saul Bellow, only Macdonald writes thrillers and Bellow is a human heart chap, so guess who wears the top grade laurels?” That’s from Kingsley Amis.

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