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Video: 2 Days of ALA 2011

ALA Annual 2011

I’ve successfully made my way back from New Orleans and ALA Annual 2011 I have a camera’s worth (and brain’s worth) of sharable details. The plan is this: two days, two recaps. Today is for moving images, tomorrow come the words.

Review: Let’s Play Games! by Herve Tullet

Tullet Board Books

The Game of Mix and Match The Game of Let’s Go! The Game of Mix-Up Art The Game of Finger Worms The Game of Light The Game of Patterns By Hervé Tullet Phaidon $8.95 Ages 2-4 In Stores When you crack the cover of a book by Hervé Tullet, it is instantly apparent that this […]

Morning Notes: Simplified Time Travel Edition

JK ROWLING ANNOUNCES…SOMETHING The Harry Potter author has generated a lot of speculation with a new “Pottermore” website and YouTube countdown clock. Click here to read 7 theories on what it could be. 50 CENT TO PEN BOOK ON BULLYING – I’M NOT KIDDING I thought my celebrity author shock-o-meter was maxed out with Tyra […]

Review: Melvin and the Boy by Lauren Castillo


Melvin and the Boy By Lauren Castillo Henry Holt (Macmillan) ISBN: 9780805089295 $16.99 Grades PreK-2 In Stores July 5, 2011 *Best New Book* For many children, a first pet brings with it some of the earliest exposure to responsibility. While kids have minor obligations from an early age, the idea of caring for something that […]

Takin’ it (Big) Easy: ALA Annual 2011


Next weekend I’m heading to New Orleans for my 3rd American Library Association Annual Conference. I’m excited for the following reasons: My ALSC committee (Children & Technology) is putting on a program. And it’s all new fangled: Picture Books Go Digital. In case you’re interested, it’s from 8:00-10:00am on Sunday in room 285 of the […]

Morning Notes: Diaper Baby Stays Edition

BOSTON GLOBE – HORN BOOK AWARDS DISHED OUT You gotta like an award that highlights some books that didn’t get heavy spotlight this year. Click here to see all the winners. SUMMER IS A BUMMER The reviews for the Judy Moody movie are in. And a bit of a bummer. Click here to read. IS […]

Scope Notes in Glorious Mono

Brain Burps Podcast

Are you listening to the Brain Burps About Books podcast? Author/illustrator Katie Davis brings the children’s lit goods on a weekly basis with interviews, on-location reports, industry tips, and audio reviews from Jen Hubert Swan (of Reading Rants! fame) and Betsy Bird (of A Fuse #8 Production). Speaking of reviews, what with the aforementioned Bird […]

Unfortunate Covers (#17)

Black Fox

Great book, bad cover – that’s the credo of this ongoing series. Today’s candidate? Black Fox of Lorne by Marguerite De Angeli Nothing captures the excitement of this Scottish Viking tale like … the main characters awkwardly posed on a hillside. And, call me crazy, but something is going on with the king’s left arm. […]

Review: Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick


Wonderstruck By Brian Selznick Scholastic Press ISBN: 9780545027892 $29.99 Grades 4-7 In Stores Sept. 13, 2011 *Best New Book*   When The Invention of Hugo Cabret came out in 2007, it felt like more than a simple blurring of genres, it felt like an innovation. Beautifully crafted and well-received, its deserved victory lap was impressive […]

Take the Island of Misfit Library Technology Quiz


Usually I keep a strict children’s lit focus in these pages, but you know the old saying “write what you know about outdated technology”. My school libraries are doing a technology deep clean this summer and we’re deciding what stays and what goes. Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of some school library […]

Top 10 Most Circulated 5-6 Books 2010-11


The bookends are being collected: It’s a good time to review the most popular books of the school year. Click here for the Top 10 3-4 Books Click here for the Top 10 K-2 Books Click here for the Top 10 K-4 Books Today we have the most circulated results from the 5th and 6th […]

Top 10 Most Circulated 3-4 Books 2010-11


When two of the four school libraries where I work are being packed up for summer renovations and things look like this: It’s time to take a look at the most circulated books of the year. Click here for the Top 10 K-2 Books Click here for the Top 10 K-4 Books The focus today […]

Top 10 Most Circulated K-4 Books 2010-11


The books are packed. I guess we’re done with check-out for the year. Time to take a look back. Yesterday’s list of the most circulated books at my K-2 school (click here to see it) was a bit of a rarity – hardly any books from the same series. Much more common is the repetitive […]

Cover Curiosity: Hide and Seek

Mockingbird Paperback

Sometimes they’re pretty close, sometimes they’re quite close, but rarely do two covers look as similar as the pair we have today. While one is for adults and one is for kids, I couldn’t help but share. First up, a book you’re probably familiar with: Mockingbird by Katheryn Erskine And now, for the match: Long […]

Top 10 Most Circulated K-2 Books 2010-11


The end of the school year is almost here, and amid the wild race to the finish which this year includes filling these… …I want to take a look back at the books that kids checked out most. Since I work at 4 schools organized by grade level, I’m going to do a post for […]