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Morning Notes: Sendak’s Back Edition

NPR GETS APP HAPPY As I subscribe to both A Fuse #8 Production and Nine Kinds of Pie, I was pleased to see that the creators of both blogs, librarian Elizabeth Bird and professor Philip Nel, were interviewed by NPR for a piece on digital children’s books. Most interesting to me is when Nel explains […]

Nonfiction Monday: Celebritrees by Margi Preus


Celebritrees: Historic and Famous Tree of the World By Margi Preus Illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon Henry Holt (Macmillan) ISBN: 9780805078299 $16.99 Grades 2-4 In Stores Not to get all “hippie” on you, but do you ever think about trees? Here are these massive plants, unmatched by anything on earth, and we walk around barely paying […]

Covering the Newbery (#15): Caddie Woodlawn

Caddie Woodlawn

1936: Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink Original Cover: My Redo: Side by Side: Verdict: I think kids would pick this up. My concern is that it might give the impression that Caddie Woodlawn is a YA book. It’s also very nondescript among current covers. Your thoughts? Read Previous Covering the Newbery Posts: 1935: Dobry […]

Link Du Jour: Officially, the Oddest Title of the Year


Although it’s more lit related than children’s lit related, I feel like I’d be cheating you out of a laugh if I didn’t mention this. The annual Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year was recently awarded to Managing a Dental Practice the Genghis Khan Way, by Michael Young. I think they made a […]

Poetry Friday: Hardy Boys

poetry friday button

Down to the wire we come. I’ve been posting a new book spine poem every Friday in March in anticipation of National Poetry Month (week 1, week 2, week 3). Next Friday, the calendar strikes April 1st and I’ll post a gallery showing off all your book spine poems. The submissions have been coming in […]

I Beat the Drum Elsewhere


That ominous low-pitched pounding you hear is just me banging the drum for National Poetry Month over at the ALSC blog, where I talk book spine centos and share a couple favorites. Click here to read.

Review: Press Here by Herve Tullet

Press Here

Press Here By Herve Tullet Chronicle Books ISBN: 9780811879545 $14.99 Ages 2-4 In Stores *Best New Book* Since I started this blog in the golden days of aught seven, I’ve prattled on and on about the elements that make for quality kids’ books. Memorable characters, beautiful artwork, compelling plot, and so on and so forth. […]

Covering the Newbery (#14): Dobry


1935: Dobry by Monica Shannon Early Cover: My Redo: Side by Side: Verdict: I don’t mind this one. It connects, in an abstract way, with the story of a peasant boy who aspires to be a sculptor. It does, however, fall into the current silhouette craze. Points deducted. Read Previous Covering the Newbery Posts: 1934: […]

Link Du Jour: Top 10 Graphic Novels


Booklist recently announced their list of the Top 10 Graphic Novels for youth, and you have to give them points for originality. While there are a few titles on the list you might know (The Unsinkable Walker Bean, Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty), I’m willing to bet my cardigan (well, maybe an […]

Link Du Jour: Watch/Cringe As Celebrities Make Children’s Books

As you may have heard, there was a memorable meeting of pop culture and children’s lit this week on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. The contestants were tasked with creating a children’s book and boy did it entertain – often for completely unintentional reasons. Click below to watch.

Poetry Friday: The Mix-Up

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Check out the Poetry Friday round-up at Gathering Books. On the first day of National Poetry Month (April 1st), I’m hosting a gallery of book spine poems (or centos, if you want to get technical) submitted by you. If you give it the ol’ college try, take a picture and post it to your blog, […]

Cover Curiosity: Bag It


Is your cover in need of something to make it stand out? Bag it. Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt How to Die of Embarrassment Every Day by Ann Hodgman Zitface by Emily Howse And a couple from the past… Baghead by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Thanks to Katie Davis and Greg Pincus for the […]

Poetry Friday: Odd Smell

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April 1st is a mere three weeks away, bringing with it the glory that is National Poetry Month. On that day I’ll be hosting a gallery of book spine poems (or centos) submitted by you. Interested in getting in on the action? If you give it a try, take a picture and email it to […]

Scenes from World Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Map

Morning Notes: eBook Millionaire Edition

TODAY, THE WORLD READS I like special days where the method of celebration is clearly described in the title. Take today’s special day, for example – World Read Aloud Day. Grab a book and read it out loud – to your class, your child, yourself. Click here for details. DOCTOR SEUSS, MORE DIRECTLY What was […]