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Covering the Newbery (#12): Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze

Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze

On Mondays I’m doing my darnedest to re-cover every book that has won the Newbery Medal. Let’s take a look at our latest candidate… 1933: Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis Original Cover: My Redo: Side by Side: Verdict: Hmm, I like the bold colors of the redo, but overall I’m […]

What Do You Do When an eBook Won’t Die?


HarperCollins recently made news for proposing a 26 checkout limit on their ebooks from public libraries. Click here to read the article in Library Journal. GalleyCat also covered the story. This is crazy, right? The blog Librarian in Black thinks so. Same goes for BoingBoing. Check out #hcod on Twitter for more reactions. One one […]

A Children’s Literature Breakfast


Last weekend I traveled to Chicago to attend Anderson’s Bookshops 9th Annual Children’s Literature Breakfast. Here’s how the morning went down: Actually, I should start with the night before… 11:00pm – Motown Night at Chicago’s Empty Bottle. Loud and great. And loud. Okay, now the day… 5:30am – Riiiiiiing! What’s that you say? I can’t […]

Video: Organizing the Bookcase

Screen shot 2011-02-23 at 8.18.33 PM

Stop motion has always been my animation of choice. It routinely beats out CGI in the character department. This pleasingly lo-tech method is used below to create one of the best book videos I’ve seen in a while. Many thanks to author Debbie Diesen for the link.

Morning Notes: Paparazzi in the Library Edition

NEW BOOKS (NOT) JUST AROUND THE CORNER Publishers Weekly has a fine (and impressively thorough) roundup of Fall 2011 children’s book releases. Click here to identify your favorites. JOIN THE BOOK BATTLE The books and judges are set for School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids Books (beginning March 14). Resident children’s lit data wizard […]

Covering the Newbery (#11): Waterless Mountain

Waterless Mountain

Another Monday, another Newbery cover gets redone. I’m attempting to freshen up each and every Newbery winner, you see, starting at the start and working my way up to modern times. How did things turn out this go-round? Let’s have a look… 1932: Waterless Mountain by Laura Adams Armer Early Cover: My Redo: Side by […]

Library Slang Dictionary: Shelf Candy

Book Pile

Shelf Candy -noun 1. A book that has an eye-catching cover, but is poorly written. Ooh – that looks like a good book. Don’t bother dude – it’s total shelf candy. Worst book I’ve ever read.

Cover Curiosity: It’s a Hit

Countdown Big

An agreeable side effect of featuring cover lookalikes is that I occasionally find a suggestion in my inbox. Today’s Cover Curiosity is a perfect example. With credit and thanks to Cindy Dobrez, school librarian and Bookends blogger (a site you should be reading if you aren’t already), I bring you a possible trend in the […]

Morning Notes: Cybils TV Edition

MARTIN AMIS, HATER It seems crazy to me how dismissive some can be toward children’s books. Controversy erupted this week when adult author Martin Amis stated in an interview that ‘If [he] had a serious brain injury [he] might well write a children’s book’. While I don’t think Amis speaks for all authors writing for […]

Review: Look! A Book! by Bob Staake

look a book

Look! A Book! By Bob Staake Little, Brown ISBN: 9780316118620 $16.99 Grades K-2 In Stores *Best New Book* If you throw an I Spy, a Where’s Waldo, and a fiction picture book into your children’s lit blend-o-matic and hit puree, what you get is Look! A Book! – pure entertainment in printed form. I can’t […]

2010 Cybils Winners Announced!

Cybils 2010

An impressive list. The Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards (a.k.a. the Cybils) were just announced and demand a look-see. Having served on the Fiction Picture Book panel, I’m thrilled to see David Ezra Stein’s Interrupting Chicken take top honors in that category. Click here to see all the winners.

Covering the Newbery (#10): The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Cat Who Went to Heaven

The cover redo-a-thon continues. Starting at the beginning and working my way up to today, I’m giving every Newbery-winning book a cover makeover. On to our current candidate… 1931: The Cat Who Went to Heaven by Elizabeth Coatsworth Original Cover: My Redo: Side by Side: Verdict: I don’t mind this one too much. Cat could […]

Review: Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke


Zita the Spacegirl By Ben Hatke First Second (Macmillan) ISBN: 9781596434462 $17.99 Grades 2-5 In Stores Good ol’ other dimensions – where would we be without you? The children’s literature landscape wouldn’t be quite as interesting, that’s for sure. What are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz if not inter-dimensional fantasies? […]

Morning Notes: Let a Book Be Your Roof Edition

BRIAN JACQUES 1939-2011 Sad news. Brian Jacques, author of the iconic Redwall series – pivotal reading for scores of youngsters – passed away on Monday. Click here to read School Library Journal’s article. MICHIGAN CHILDREN’S LIT – UNITE! A Fuse #8 Production has put out an all call for children’s lit related folks with ties […]

10 to Note: Spring Preview 2011


Hang-wringing complete. It’s time for the quarterly look at upcoming releases I’m calling 10 to Note. What follows are the 10 titles set to hit shelves in March, April, and May that had me most saying “Yeah, boiiiii!” (or something along those lines). Not a guarantee of quality, but a subjective list of books that […]