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Nonfiction Monday: Ideas that Changed the World

Ideas Cover

Ideas that Changed the World: Incredible inventions and the stories behind them DK ISBN: 9780756665319 $24.99 Grades 5-8 In Stores Sometimes, I claim to have ideas. Usually these ideas are either stolen (à la the t-shirt cardigan) or original and stupid (care to hear about my hot dog restaurant called Redonkulous Dogs?). But when honest […]

Cover Curiosity: Holding the Goose


There are plenty of cover elements that have become common. Socks. Staring into the distance. Faces. But girls holding geese? That’s rare. You tend to remember that. Such is the case in today’s cover curiosity. Let’s take a look at the first cover: Alchemy and Meggy Swann by Karen Cushman. And it’s twin… Fly by […]

Video Clip: Beverly Cleary Talks ‘Ramona’


CBS News talks to Beverly Cleary about her ability to connect with today’s kids. Not too shabby for someone who’s been retired for a decade.

Summer Scope Notes


Due to summer travels and, probably, ice cream, 100 Scope Notes will be up on the shelf until Thursday. See you back here then. (Top Image: ‘Free Rainbow Sprinkle Ice Cream Cone Creative+Commons‘ www.flickr.com/photos/40645538@N00/3398923323)

Review: Tower of Treasure by Scott Chantler

Tower Cover

Tower of Treasure (Three Thieves: Book One) By Scott Chantler Kids Can Press ISBN: 9781554534142 $17.95 Grades 3-6 In Stores Back in the halcyon days of my youth, I rated every grilled-cheese I ate on a 1 to 10 scale. I remember the good ones (the Walkway Cafe in Cheboygan, Michigan took first place) and, […]

Suckers Re-Illustrated


You want ’em re-illustrated? You got ’em re-illustrated! A couple weeks back, A Fuse #8 Production posted Re-Illustrate That Sucker!, a call to update the artwork of some excellent (and visually dated) older books. I decided to dust off the cover makeover rules I established in my “Cover Covers” posts and try my hand at […]

Million Dollar Idea: The Cardigan T-Shirt


Recently, as librarians are wont to do, I was engaged in an absorbing cardigan sweater conversation with Julie Jurgens (@himmissjulie) and Elizabeth Burns (@LizB) on Twitter. Suddenly, Julie (of the excellent blog Hi Miss Julie!) came up with a genius idea. The cardigan t-shirt. I repeat. The cardigan t-shirt. Inspired by the tuxedo shirt… …it […]

Photos: My To-Be-Read Pile


Man, I gotta get cooking. Fall books will soon be hitting shelves and I need to make a serious dent on my to-be-read pile to make room. I enjoy snooping – uh, I mean seeing what other people are reading, so I figured you might get a kick out of seeing what I’m reading. Now […]

Review: Dotty by Erica S. Perl


Dotty By Erica S. Perl Illustrated by Julia Denos Abrams ISBN: 9780810989627 $16.95 Grades PreK-1 In Stores Travis: Introducing today’s guest reviewer, my old imaginary friend. Greetings! Yes, I’m Travis’s old imaginary friend, Aquadog. You can imagine my shock when T called me up after all these years to review Dotty, a picture book that […]