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100 Scope Notes will be up on the shelf until Monday due to holiday travels. See you back here then. (Image: ‘Flaming Red Oak‘ www.flickr.com/photos/48600090482@N01/57009463)

Book Review: Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley


Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley By Aaron Blabey Front Street ISBN: 9781590785966 $16.95 Grades K-2 In Stores *Best New Books* There are plenty of children’s books based on friendship. It’s an important topic, so I don’t mind. Some books about friendship show rather than tell – they don’t explain how the process works, but show […]

Nonfiction Monday: Take Me Back – A Trip Through History


Take Me Back: a trip through history from the stone age to the digital age DK Publishing ISBN: 9780756640903 $24.99 Grades 5 and Up In Stores History has a hard time being hip – especially in the eyes of young readers. While adults know that past events are relevant to the present, kids are busy […]

Children's Lit Gold: 'Obama' Rhymes with 'Mama'


From the author who brought you the kinda weird “Why Mommy is a Democrat” and “Why Daddy is a Democrat” books, which I posted about last summer, comes a new not-so-subtle title, “Mama Voted for Obama“. I don’t see this one getting much play in school libraries – the promotional blurb doesn’t help matters: This colorful book […]

Caldecott Post Updated

I accidentally posted “The Caldecott Award: A Member’s Methods” before it was finished. Many apologies. If you’re using an RSS reader, the finished post won’t show so… *Please click here to read the finished product* *Don’t be shy*

The Caldecott Award: A Member’s Methods


Here in Michigan, the snow is already falling and what the locals call “Caldecott Season” is upon us. By locals, I mean local children’s librarians. We go out into the woods, into our Caldecott blinds and Caldecott tree stands, quietly waiting with anticipation for the nominees to appear. While I’m busy compiling my list of […]

Spike Jonze on 'Where the Wild Things Are'


Seems like there hasn’t been much news on the “Where the Wild Things Are” movie front lately.  Last I heard the whole thing was getting scrapped. Things changed Tuesday when Ain’t It Cool News posted their interview with the film’s director, Spike Jonze. Apparently, the film is back on track. That whole “scrapping the project” […]

An Evening With Patricia Polacco


Alright, I suppose it was more of a “Late Afternoon With Patricia Polacco”, but that doesn’t have the same ring. ‘Round these parts (the Mitten state) If you ask a elementary school librarian who would be on at the top of their Michigan author visit list, nine times out of ten you would hear the […]

Book Review: Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek


Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: A Tall, Thin Tale By Deborah Hopkinson Illustrated by John Hendrix Schwartz & Wade Books ISBN: 9780375837685 $16.99 Grades 1-3 In Stores *Best New Books* Let me say off the bat that I’m biased. Abe Lincoln holds a special place in my stovepipe, which I have worn for the last […]

Book Review: Forever Young


Forever Young By Bob Dylan Illustrated by Paul Rogers Atheneum Books for Young Readers ISBN: 9781416958086 $17.99 Grades: It’s Complicated (See Below) In Stores My favorite audience moment? I was at the Detroit stop of Outkast’s 2001 tour. Standing there in the crowd, dumbfoundedly enjoying the show, Andre 3000 spotted me from the stage. We […]

Book Review: Knucklehead


Knucklehead By Jon Scieszka Viking ISBN: 9780670011063 $16.99 Grades 4-7 In Stores *Best New Books* Sometimes, reading a book is like getting to the end of a bag of peanut M&Ms – you slow down, savoring things, hoping that the end won’t come. Essentially a collection of short stories about family and growing up, “Knucklehead” […]

Video: Barack Obama Supports Children’s Lit

Do you think you can name the president-elect’s favorite kids book? Hint: It’s not “My Dad, John McCain“. Watch the (kinda poor quality – many apologies) video of Mr. Obama speaking to the American Library Association to find out the answer.

Free Books Distributed


I’m good at the contest part, just not the “giving away” thing. A few days late in the coming, I present to you the winners of the most recent book giveaway: Kara P. is going to be hyped up beyond belief (actual reaction may differ, but I’m hopeful) when she finds a copy of “Trick […]

Photos: The Most Well Read Book Ever?


In my job, I split time between four elementary school libraries that range from preschool up to sixth grade. I’m getting to know the collections at the various schools pretty well, and when I was cataloging a new copy of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” this morning, I remembered there was something interesting about the old “Grinch” […]

Book Review: Round Like a Ball!


Round Like a Ball! By Lisa Campbell Ernst Blue Apple Books ISBN: 9781934706015 $15.95 Grades PreK-2 In Stores *Recommended* Often, die-cut books fall flat for me. I open them up, flip through the pages, and quickly realize that the story is just a vehicle for the cut outs. Fun for a minute, but that’s about […]